Need a little sympathy....


Jan 17, 2006
annemerrick said:
Thanks everyone for your much needed sympathy!!! I never even thought of the possibility of my bag being in the bottom of a trash can......the horror!!! I didn't insist on any reimbursement, as even though it would be the proper thing to do....I am a bit more well-off than she is.(not saying that to show off!),and it is easier for me to buy another bag than for her too. Anyway, I have enjoyed all your thoughts as not one of my friends love their bags the way I do, and basically told me to "get over it"!
I agree that she should have at least offered. And even if she wasn't as well off, she should have found some way to reimburse you because it's completely HER fault that it got lost. And if she couldn't afford to lose it, then she either should have paid more attention to it or not borrowed it in the first place.

Also, even if they don't love bags as much as you, it is an EXPENSIVE bag and I think it's rude to just tell you to "get over it". Especially since it's not your fault that it's lost. I would NOT have been happy with them.


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
Norman, OK
IntlSet said:
So glad you found it again, Anne. You're a good friend to begin with for loaning it to her!
Ditto cause I know I won't be able to loan my nice bags to any of my friends. Only to my BF but he doens't want it. LOL. Glad it turned oout okay in the end.
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
Thanks....glad it worked out, too!! I have learned a lesson, for sure!! I live in Hong Kong for goodness easy to buy a time someone needs a loaner...I will suggest a purchase instead!!


Feb 2, 2006
San Francisco
Nice purses and friends borrowing them at night and drinking alcohol don't mix. that how my white chanel bag lost it's zipper. :evil: I totally empathize


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Oct 29, 2005
I'm sorry to hear about your lost purse and glad you found a replacement later on. I would have disown that friend. j/k That's why I only let family borrow any of my things.