Need a little sympathy....

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  1. So....I am new on the forum, and think I may have found just the place to garner some much needed handbag sympathy!!!!
    I spent about 4 years looking for a particular gold Fendi handbag, that is just so me! After much diligence, I ended up buying the bag in a twist of fate for $100 at a second-hand store. Loved that bag....even more as it was a bargain!!! Last weekend, a friend of mine asked to borrow the bag for a night out on the town. After a few margaritas, and a lot of fun, she stepped out of our taxi without it. She was stressing out about her credit cards, and all I could think of was my beloved bag....gone!!! I didn't want to act upset as there was not much to be done apart from the requisite call to the cab company (which went unanswered). Anyway, she got her cards replaced, and I did find the bag again....although it cost me $600 the second time around.
    I feel much better already....just needed to unload, as my husband didn't seem very sympathetic to my plight!!!
  2. Wow, no, you definitely have my sympathy. That's terrible of your friend, I hope she offered to pay you back....
  3. awww im sorry! that really sucks. :sad: at least you have your beloved bag back though! :smile:
  4. Thanks...sniff...I needed that!!! Actually, she could not afford to pay for the bag as she had just spent all of her funds on our various shopping excursions (she was visiting at the time). But I guess it is alls well that ends well....went out last night, carried the bag, and decided it was worth every penny of buying it again!!!
  5. So glad you found it again, Anne. You're a good friend to begin with for loaning it to her!
  6. Wow...after hearing your story, all I could think of was, how lucky you are to have found that purse again! That is an amazing feat in itself! I was just wondering did your friend at least give you half of the money spent to buy the second purse? This is why I can't allow ANYBODY to borrow my handbags (they're my babies). I'm happy everything turn out well, for you....whew!
  7. I think she owes you lunch or something. Im glad you're enjoying your new bag. Now...hold it tight and never loan it again :lol:
  8. Sorry to hear! I hope she does buy you lunch or something like pursegalsf said :lol: Keep your baby close :biggrin:
  9. I have never lent a handbag, and seriously doubt it will happen again!!!! I had seen the bag I eventually bought at a second hand designer handbag shop here in HK. I know the employees and went in and gloated (nicely) a bit about how I got mine for so cheap!! Served me right.... a few weeks later, there I am buying that exact bag!!! Oh well....lesson learned!
    I often liken my bags to my babies, as well....although I do like my kids a bit more!!!! Anyway, what's a girl doing to do when her favorite bag goes MIA????
  10. Ummm if she was really a friend she would have returned her purchases to pay you back. You dont borrow something unless you could replace it if lost.

    Tacky! Glad you found your replacement!

  11. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. That's why I do not loan bags to friends.
  12. Wow. That friend definitely owed you for the bag. If I had lost somebody else's bag I would feel guilty until I had 'fixed' things, and replaced it (and preferably with the exact same bag I had lost).
  13. I agree. If I had done something like your friend did (which I wouldn't, because I'm careful and respectful of others' belongings :biggrin: ), I would have bought you a new bag. I feel like I would need to fix things, as well.
  14. I'm sorry for your plight. I agree with other people that she could have at least offered to pay for your bag, a bag that she borrowed and lost. I'm glad that you were able to replace it, even if it cost more money.

  15. I totally agree - she should have offered to pay you back - even in a couple of months if she was broke. But happy to hear that you were able to replace it - that was very lucky!