Naughty me...broke purseban w/ new...*pix*

  1. Hi all~!

    Celebrate my happiness and tears with my new BLUEBERRY COURIER~~!! :yahoo:

    I'm actually on a purse ban..but this afternoon I couldn't help myself..wanted to go get a black first or day for my outfit so bad. Been wanting to get a black anything for a while but always ended up getting something else...(anyone feel this??) Saw this BEAUTY hanging on the side of the wall~!! She's sooo beautiful~! I couldn't help my self and grab it and my credit card at the same time~!! :nuts:

    Join me in the celebration of my tears and joy...Here she is..


  2. AMAZING! I love blueberry! I have a makeup in this color! CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo:
  3. congrats :yes:
  4. THank y'all~!!

    I know courier aren't that popular around here...but I've always LOVED it for it's practicality and across the body look.

    I was wanting a black first, but when i saw it I wasn't so thrilled...that's why i gave up...still want a black day though. Loving the rocker look it gives...

    I guess my purseban has been extended to the end of the year...
  5. ^^ congrats, she's a beauty :tender:
  6. pommy, how tall are you? I sold a caramel Courier about a year ago but I am thinking about getting another one but I am 5'4 124lbs. and I'm wondering if it will look too big on me. I would probably only use it for travel or for lugging things around.
  7. very niiiice!!
  8. Beautiful!! I love it!! What a gorgeous color!!
  9. so pretty!! congrats!! I would love to see modeling pics :p
  10. That is stunning!!!:love: I saw a blueberry courier at the store a long time ago and was drooling!!! It was sooo gorgeous!!!! :yahoo: Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Lovely:love: .....CONGRATS :yahoo:!!!!!!!
  12. GORGEOUS colour!! congratulations!!
  13. pretty! congrats!
  14. I love the color!!
  15. I love this style.........and the color is beautiful! Congrats!