My Very First Gucci! =)


I <3 bags!
Oct 7, 2007
:huh::huh: didn't see the gold trim! they only had the off-white trim, brown trim, and then all black bag. hmm... i can't wait to see the gold trim though! i can't even find it on the website. when you ladies do get it, be sure to post pics! i would love to see it! =) i love this bag and today will be my first day wearing her! ughh i have to go to the dentist in half an hour... so this will be her very first trip out with me hehe i'm so excited! :love:


May 17, 2008
That's a great bag. I just bought my first one too but online and it's that same bag but in the red guccissima leather. Now I know what it looks like on somebody. All you see is the picture online and don't get a feel of what it looks like on someone. Thanks for posting your pictures. It really helps. I can't wait to get it.
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