My ultimate LV Nightmare...

  1. So, just got back from my week in Venice. I was having a fabulous time. Waited till my last day, went to LV, shop was filled with people, and asked for my Damier Papillon 26. Asked for gift box, as I decided to give it to my Mum. Sales chap was a real dear, completely lovely, especially considering the shop was so mobbed, gift box, ribbons, catalogues he was just picking up all sorts and dropping them in the bag for me... so, came to "Thank you very much, madam, that is €415 please" and I handed over my lovely shiney new "chip and pin" visa card, and yes, can you guess? It was declined!!!!

    I very nearly fell over.

    The sales chap was a real dear though, we kept trying, the machine kept declining me...

    Turns out, that (for those in the UK/Ireland) all that rubbish about the new chip and pin cards regarding security, is just that, rubbish. When the transaction went through in Venice, Visa decided, that as I currently live in Ireland, my card must have been stolen, and they put a block on the card.


    I'm still getting over the shame. To his credit through (no pun intended) the chap in LV couldn't have been nicer.

    I finally got through to Visa that evening, and they apologised, blah blah, block taken off card, very sorry, but you know what, I was still so shamed, I couldn't go back to the shop to complete my purchase.

    I'll have to wait and make the 4 hour each way trek to the Dublin store now....

    So, apart from that hideousness, Venice really was fab...

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  2. Oh Kathleen ! What a terrible nightmare indeed ! I am so sorry that this happened to you. It would be my worst nightmare as well. And then you couldn't get the bag even after all that. What a shame. I would be incredibly upset as well. That just stinks! :sad2: ((((hugs))))
  3. ooooh, I get so MAD at the CC companies when they pull that crap!! I can't tell you how many times I have been standing in a place and Discover card has decided to lock up our account because we just made a large purchase and they want to "confirm" it was us. I called them and asked if every time I buy living room furniture are they going to lock my card?? Not to mentioned LVs!! Anyway, it hasn't happened in a while now, I think the figured out I am the one really spending all this money! ;)
  4. Bless you, both. I still cringe, thinking about it. I thought sharing my shame would lessen the sting, and it has, so thank you! :biggrin:

    I was just especially annoyed, as they have done away with signatures for transactions, and you have to use your pin number instead, so I'd got that all sorted, and then they decide they think my card "may" have been stolen anyway!! *Hehe* you should see the letter I've written them....

    Ahh well. Another life's lesson, I guess..

    But, there is LOADS of vintage LV in Venice. I can't tell you how lovely it was, seeing some of the older ladies, doing their shopping with their breathtakingly beautiful patina'd speedy's.....


  5. Awwwwwwww. I'm so sorry it happened to you. I would still go back to the store though. I'm sure the person who helped you would understand and would love to see you there again.
  6. I had that happen before. It was oh so embarressing. I always use a check for a large purchase and my CC company saw me make one and declined me. The SA called and they spoke to me and everything was figured out and I was on my way with my new bag. I felt stupid when it happened and my face turned red, but I was glad they did that for in case it wasn't me.
  7. That happened to me when I was in the Bahamas. Visa declined my charge and then put a block on the account since they thought the card was stolen. Took a while to get it figured out calling long-distance from the bahamas. Luckily it was fixed in time for me to check out of my hotel. I learned my lesson that whenever I travel somewhere outside the US to call the CC company before and have them note my account that I am travelling so they will not decline the charge.
  8. this happened to us in mexico too and we didn't even make any large purchases! just a couple of dinners and a new swimsuit. i called from the hotel and had the block taken off. i was so livid...we'd called before we even left to tell them we were going on vacation and any charges made in mexico were from US!! :smile:
  9. Luckily i haven't had any of my credit cards declined on me but, i've recieved phone calls minutes after a huge shopping spree from visa asking if it was i who made the transactions. They just want confirmation as credit card fraud is HUGE now. I understand your ladies frustrations but at the end its really preventing us from having to file a fraud report and wait for our credit card companys to remove the funds we never used blah blah blah.
    Just remember if you're planning a vacation, give you credit card companys a call and let them know where you'll be and what you'll be planning on purchasing ( i know no matter where i'll end up i'll be buying some designer handbags, shoes, or jewellery) in advance. If you do that they will not freeze your account!
    I hope this doesn't happend to any of you in the future!!
  10. Even though it's embarassing it's nice to see that the CC companies are on top of things in protecting the consumer. I'd rather have them make sure it was me purchasing than not doublecheck! Sorry to hear that it happened to you though. At least you had a great time regardless of the LV incident!
  11. How embarassing - this has happened to me so many times! Basically, Card Services' computer is saying to itself: this customer (i.e. me) is spending money like a drunken sailor. Someone therefore must have taken her card. When in fact they know that I frequently spend like a drunken sailor. Sometimes though it's just a random security check, nothing to do with what you've been spending.

    The thing is, they should not say that your card is "declined", because it hasn't been declined - one SA was telling me that they should know that it's a security check rather than a "transaction declined". Really, the shop sould call Card Services so that you can do the security validation. What I do now is as soon as it happens, if the shop doesn't do it, I get on the phone to Card Services and get them to lift the block there and then.

    The other thing is, the security checks are good - a few months ago, someone in Germany had cloned my card number and tried to use it in a number of shops. Because Card Services knew I was in the UK, all the transactions were picked up on the security check and none of them went through. Card Services called me and we agreed they should reissue my card (with a new number) just to be on the safe side.

    When I went to France, I didn't think to warn Card Services that I'd gone abroad - and I had a security check as soon as I tried to pick up the hire car. I phoned them on the mobile, told them how long I was staying, and that sorted that out for the rest of the trip.
  12. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I remember years ago I was at Media Play picking up less than $20 worth of merchandise, and the card was declined. I was able to get them on the phone right there at the register, and they cleared it up, but it was such a pain. On my last trip, I decided I'd better call just to make sure the charge would go through, and I also did the same when I put $1,500 on there for a Chloe Paddington (returned).
  13. Oh no !! That's awful, I would have been beet red ! I hope you do get the damier pap eventually though, even if it means 4 hours each way !
  14. I'm sorry about your experience. As annoying and embarassing as it was, at least your CC company was protecting you. Also, couldn't the SA at LV call your company to confirm, especially since you made the trek out there? I hope that you get your bag soon!
  15. I agree with SuLi. Even though it was a pain in the a$$, the CC co had your best interests at heart. That's happened to me before but at a diff store and the SA gave me this "You poor thing" look. I was like, "No, really! I don't know why it's being declined!!" look.

    Well glad you had fun just the same!