My top secret project! My baby brother's engagement!

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  1. My little brother proposed to the girl of his dreams yesterday, with a knockout of a ring!

    For reference it's a 1.51 J VS1, we selected through High Performance Diamonds. Amazing service! I have ONE hand shot, as our weather sucks here so I can't go bombard her with a photoshoot, but quite a few loose and set photos to share. I have one in here that shows it next to mine, for scale and brightness comparison. Not really the same cut though so not a real comparison.

    For reference--she wears a 7 1/4 ring, so this is how a 1.5ct stone looks on that ring size :smile:

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  2. Last batch, including a side by side with mine for stone size scale.

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  3. Gorgeous stone!
  4. Beautiful x
  5. Oh wow! That's really a beautiful stone :smile:
  6. What a beautiful stone! You have a great eye! Best of luck to your brother!

  7. I don't even know any of you but I was so excited to open this thread! So happy for your family!!
  8. How lucky for type Bridget top have your help! That stone faces up huge! Gorgeous.
  9. Thanks guys!!! It is quite the stunner :smile: Ey-ohh Nice Rock! The photos just do it no justice. When I opened that bad boy up in its diamond paper...angels sang. :cloud9:

    I know that HPD doesn't get a ton of love around here or PS even, but man, he's a great vendor. Top notch.
  10. That is a beautiful diamond, she is a lucky lady.
  11. Congrats!!! You are an awesome big sister! 😊
  12. Insane! So gorgeous!
  13. THAT IS NOT A J! It's so white! And what a beautiful diamond, Wink is definitely one of the go to people for gorgeously cut diamonds.

    Congrats to you, your brother and your sis in law!
  14. Love it Ame!! I will pm you my son bought his diamond today!! Thanks for your help!!
  15. It's gorgeous! How exciting!