My Taupe Zippy from LVR just arrived...

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  1. I gotta say that I am really impressed with LVR and I'd order again in a heartbeat. The transaction was a breeze.... fast, easy, cheap(er), and my bag arrived in immaculate condition and beautifully packaged.

    Now... here's the bag. I originally hoped it would be waaay smaller than the large Zippy but I actually wouldn't mind this one being a little larger. It's really boxy and I don't know if I love it yet. The color is not what I consider taupe. I'd call it more like... camel? It's not quite the washed out tan that I thought it would be and I almost see a little green in it? Anyway, I only had time to snap one pic before coworker walked in! The color came out pretty true IMO. Again, not sure how I feel yet....

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  2. Daisy-I love the color...more than the whiskey-Is it hand held only...that would be my only drawback...My hubby thinks the large shopping bag I ordered is WAY too big......I ADORE the color!!!
    Is it mushy???
  3. At first I thought the handles were longer than on the regular satchel but after trying it on, I'd say they're about the same (too snug for my taste). Mushy... not sure. I think it feels more stiff than any of my other Paddys. The best part is that the lock is PERFECT. It came wrapped in foamy stuff and I think this bag has been untouched by human hands before me.

    Of course your shopper is BIG... but too big? I say nay!
  4. Can you put it on your shoulder???
    I have a prada bag from a couple of years ago in the SAME was my fav bag that season...You will live in that color!!!! I think its the best bag color I have seen yet!!
  5. I do like the taupe - I would think it could be worn with anything.

    I think this small zippy is very cute -
  6. For reeeeal? Hmmm... I need to give it a lot of thought. Unfortunately I can't really play with it at the moment. ARGH!

    Yes, I can put it on my shoulder but it's a snug fit. For most people, they can wear Paddys on the shoulder comfortably but for me it's a tighter fit than I like... it makes me feel sort of claustrophobic (sp). I must have bigger arms than most.

    Well, I'm glad you like the color!
  7. I have my black Bowler in my trunk :lol: so I'll take a pic when I can to show the size difference between the two. The Zippy is definitely bigger and taller.
  8. The shoulder thing would bother me too.....does it come in a bigger style or size that you would like better????
  9. Ultimately, you must love it.

    If it is not for you then back it should go.
  10. Mine is the medium. The large is way too big for my personal taste. It's bigger than what it looks in my pic... it looks tiny!

    Okay, just snapped another pic.... this looks a little truer to its size.

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  11. One more comment! I've heard that the 06 bags are lighter but that definitely was not true for my Whiskey. This one, however, is for sure lighter. Somehow this bag is feeling really light weight to me. And the leather holds its shape better than both my satchel and bowler. I don't know that that's a great thing since I love the slouchy but just on observation. lol
  12. I really like it! I think the color is beautiful. It will go with everything!! How big is it in relation to a medium regular paddy?
  13. nice color!
  14. Let's see... I can't remember the dimensions of the regular Paddy but this one is 14.5" W x 8" H. I'll try to take some comparison pics this weekend.
  15. Thanks Daisy! I think you should keep it....but I know, YOU must LOVE. I really, really like it!!