My Taupe is here!

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  1. Yes. You've all been so wonderful I NEEDED to post these photos up asap! Ahhh LVR. BEAUTIFUL packaging. Prompt delivery. My bag is perfect, and smells perfect. Here is your faith in LVR restored purseforumettes! :love:

    When I first saw the colour I adored it. Then I slowly began to dislike it. But then I love it again. Arrrgh. I keep thinking I perhaps should've got a funner/ lighter colour. :unsure:

    And for the record, it's not heavy at all! I haven't tried putting all my stuff in it and walking around for the whole day, but the handles mould to your shoulder really well, and it doesn't strike me as something I'd hate to lug around all day.Then again.. I should try it out before I say anything haha. :amuse:

    OK, best way to describe the colour? Wet sand!! It's definitely a dark sandy colour.

    On with the photos.. do let me know what you all think!

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  2. and more...

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  3. Beautiful bag. Looks really good on you
  4. LOVE IT! Congrats...!!
  5. oh my...i'm in love.:love:

    would it be too much to have whiskey, choco, and taupe???:wondering

    btw, love that your bed is not made (like mine) :lol:
  6. Congrats! Wow, yours looks quite a bit like Tan from your pics. I'm positive that your satchel is made of a different TYPE leather than my Zippy. Yours looks like the rest of my Paddys... textured yet smooth, and SOFT. My Zippy is none of those. Does your bag have a paint-type smell?

    Regardless, LOVE your bag!! It looks great on you.
  7. Great pics! Enjoy your new bag.
  8. so jealous...great bag!!!! congrat!!
  9. looks really nice! enjoy your new bag!!
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful new bag! I REALLY want a Chloe bag and I'm looking for some advice. Did they ever make the bag in red with a gold lock? I found it at a place called, but I'm not sure about the authenticity. Any advice would be VERY appreciated! Help please!! Thank you! :biggrin:
  11. Missyjay, welcome!!

    Yes, they made a red Paddington (two different shades, in fact) but stay FAR FAR away from Oh man, really BAD fakes at outrageous prices! :nuts: :sick: :wacko:
  12. Congrats Kiptrip! The taupe looks beautiful! (And I DO love LVR's packaging, if nothing else!) :amuse:

    So is the taupe color distressed at all like it appears in the NAP pictures (kind of veiny, with light and dark streaks), or is the color pretty consistent?
  13. i would stay away from that site if i were you. sites for real chloes are NAP, aloha rag, neiman, bergdorf, and styledrop. and for a paddy, one that is USED would run you at least $1000.
  14. Yes, that site sells fakes! But Chloe did make a lipstick red paddy and a wine colors paddy - both have gold locks. Theyre older colors though, best bet would be marketplace here or eBay. They did re-release the grenat (wine) though but I think only in the baby paddy
  15. Wow, check out the packaging. Very cool!! Congratulations, don't you just LOVE the color? I just got my large pocket tote in taupe and I am in :love: too. Very, very impressed.! Enjoy!