My SO Damier Cabas Piano is here!

  1. I just got a call from my SA (Alice) in Palo Alto, she says my Damier Cabas Piano is here! :yahoo:

    I am going to pick it up today. I can't wait to give it to my mom!

    The SO was so quick - I ordered it in May and it's here already! I didn't expect it to come in 3 months!

    I'll tak pictures when I come back from Stanford~
  2. Oooooh I can't wait to see.

    It's a present for your mom ? She's going to be over the moon ! :biggrin:
  3. Lucky mom! Can't wait to see pics
  4. It'll be beautiful! Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. wow cant wait to see the pics!
  6. :wlae: congrats!!! :yahoo:
  7. aw i love the stanford store, its so nice there.

    cant wait to see pics ^_^
  8. Congrat's, Cant wait to see pic's
  9. Congrats-it sounds great!! :smile:
  10. wow that was a fast SO. I'm looking forward to pics and what it looks like on.
  11. I just got back from Palo Alto, Alice was at lunch so someone else helped me. He wrapped up the bag and put it in a nice box with ribbon. I got home and opened it and was surprised that he didn't put tissue inside the bag. I also kicked myself for not asking for a drawstring dustbag.


  12. :nuts: honu...the pic of the bag??? Can't wait, i'm sure it's gorgeous:yes: You can always go back and ask for the drawstring dustbag;)
  13. [​IMG]

  14. [​IMG]

  15. Sorry for the delay in the pictures, I forgot to watermark them! :shame:

    I called Alice and she said I could exchange my flap dustbag for a drawstring one. :yes:

    Hopefully I'll have time to go to Stanford tomorrow!
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