My small (but rapidly growing) Louboutin collection

  1. I got two new pairs of Louboutins in the mail today - black Helmoons and black python simple pumps. I think they're my favorites so far. I have large bunions so my foot looks kind of funny in the Helmoon, but it's such a beautiful shoe that I don't care!

    Thanks to everyone here for help with sizing the helmoon. I bought a 37.5 - a full size down from my regular size - and they fit well.
    helmoon_1.jpg helmoon_2.jpg helmoon_3.jpg python_simple.jpg
  2. Shoecrazy - congrats, those are 2 of my favorite styles also! I love the crystal helmuts (helmoon? I can't keep up with all the style names anymore) but I think I like them better on a nude leg. I think the black hose disguise the beauty of that shoe since you lose that drastic diagnol cut in the vamp.

    CL sizing is so erratic, that style specifically runs very big which is rather uncommon for CL shoes. That's what we are here for.

    Will you share where you found both of these beauties? I thought they were sold out long ago.
  3. And here is the rest of my collection, so far (some of these have already been posted elsewhere):

    Turtle Patent Very Prive
    Nude Patent Yoyo (110 mm heel)
    Nude Simple 85
    Electric Blue Simple 85
    Navy Miss Titck (aka Miss Tick)
    Dark Grey Metallica

    These have all been acquired in a frighteningly short period of time, so I'm going to have to ease off the habit for a little while now. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through all of you!
    cl.jpg metallica.jpg
  4. I love your entire collection. Are the nude simple pumps and electric blue simple pumps from NAP? I don't believe that I have ever seen those colors on the simple pump IRL, it must be so beautiful.
    I understand your concern about your quickly growing is rather scary that CL has that effect on women. I know that I am certainly victim to it as well.
  5. I agree with you about the nude leg - but I'm at work and I happen to be wearing black tights today (plus this way I don't subject you all to my veiny feet :hrmm:).

    And by the way, Kamilla850, you have one of the most beautiful Louboutin collections I've seen!
  6. I know how it is to start a collection at just one CL, then have it rapidly expand. It is scary. I went from only one pair in December when I joined TPF, to now having 15. Most of my acquisitions happened this year from March-October. Oddly enough, I think it's time to diversify my collection with other designers.

    Your collection is great so far. I love both of your simple pumps. nap ran out of my size quickly otherwise I would have loved to have either a nude or electric blue one.

  7. Aha...that explains the drab grey office carpet.

    Thank you! I absolutely adore CL, I feel like I am collecting his shoes more so than buying them. I am scared to count the # of brown boxes in my closet. When I joined TPF, I took a group photo of all my CLs and at that time I had 18 pairs. I can only imagine what that number is now:wtf:.
  9. Congrats, and the helmoons look great on you! Glad they fit well!

    Lovely collection!!! :heart:
  10. congrats! they look great on you!
  11. shoecrazy congrats on the new purchases. I love your Helmoons! I recently purchased some Helmuts and they are by far becoming my favourite shoe! Its been really hard to find those in my size. I was shying away from them before because I dont like pointed toes but now I am kicking myself about it.

    :heart: the Metallicas! post modeling pics if you get a chance!
  12. I think you're right Kamilla. I am weak and CLs are so irresistable. There are still a few I would like to add to my collection.
  13. All the shoes are beautiful, shoecrazy!
  14. You have beautiful shoes and great taste! I have yet to purchase any Louboutins, but I'm dying to, but also scared I'll get addicted!!!
  15. Love the python simple pumps! You have a great collection.