My Small but Rapidly Growing (darned sales) HH Collection

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  1. So, it's been an HH month for sure!!! Three new bags - would have been four if they wouldn't have cancelled my Tamasin!

    My first bag ever from HH was my Nomade Drawstring in Bark - love that bag and adore the Paule Marrot lining! This month I added the Nomade Hobo in Fir courtesty of a fab TPF'er, the Ibiza Flight Bag in Smoke (w/ matching Pouch) and I picked up that amazing Lyon in the Bouton 'd Or on Ebay - another Paule Marrot piece. I also have the Celine Cuff in Red (didn't make the pic), the Plum Nomade CP, the Owl CP and the Alfie charm - oops, I also have the Mushroom charm - just remembered that one - darned things are hiding from me;)

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  2. lovely collection with some unique items!
  3. I am in awe of you Nomads!!
    Great collection!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    (beautiful bedspread btw...)
  4. Suzzeee, nice stuff!!! Great charms,,,,thanx for the pics!!
  5. Fabulous collection! Isn't it funny how your collection grows in a month due to those crazy sales?!
  6. very nice! itll only get bigger from there
  7. A thing of beauty. Though, your Nomade hobo looks like the darker version Bittersweet. It might be just the lightening. I have the same bag in Bark, but it's much lighter. :confused1:
  8. I'm in love with the grouping of the Nomades with the Lyon and the charms in your bedroom. Gorgeous! :heart:
  9. HH is addicting!
  10. Hi, suzzeee!!! I'm a big forum reader (aka lurker?) and not so much of a poster, but I recognize you from the BE forum!

    WELCOME to HH land !!!!! ;)

    I, too, found HH during the after-Thanksgiving sale craziness and the crazines hasn't stopped yet!!!

    So, because of those "darned sales", I too have already gone from zero to 6 in a few short weeks.

    Enjoy those beautiful HH bags, they give me a different vibe than my BE bags. It feels to me like a bit of a funkier (and American-made?) vibe. Any other cross-dressers (a "BE + HH" cross that is) out there??
  11. Oh, I saw that hobo and was soooo tempted! But I have the Nomad Drawstring in that color. Your bark one is making me quivA :girlsigh: -- I wish I had that color! :drool:

    Lovely kollektion, my fRRReNd :tup:
  12. :nuts::roflmfao:

    I have one BE...and I know Ms.Liz is definitely a C-D.

    P.S. Love the wild kitteh!
  13. ^^^^Hahahahhahaa too funny Sybaryte........yea Suzzeee is a CD too!!

    I second Cho on your Nomades Suzzeee...absolutely GORGEOUS......I love that fir color!!

    You are on a roll Woman!!
  14. Oohh .. I LOVE your bark nomade!
  15. Hehehe Suzzeee, the collection starts small then watch out, it will GROW! Love your Nomads!