My Second BV!!!

  1. Hi all: Following my roma, for my next BV I decided to get a hobo-style, but then found this bag. I am so excited about my new (to me) BV. I saw this bag and fell in love. :love: It is really girly which is not me but I think it looks like a piece of art. Have no clue what season/style or even what its name is but I love it. The code on the certificate is 171290 V6585 2766. Its number 29 out of 250. Its made out of some sort of snake skin which makes the flowers even more a piece of work to me. Comes with a cute mirror too. Love it!!!

    Does anyone know what this was called?
    bv_012.jpg bv_016.jpg bv_015.jpg
  2. Wow! That really is a work of art, Many Congrats! wherever did you find her???
  3. Amazing piece!! Are the flowers woven in or applied on top of the woven leather? Love the colour too. Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  4. Wow!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  5. Thanks!! I got her off from let-trade. I have never seen a bag like this before.
  6. Thanks!!

    The flowers are acutally woven in and made out of the same snakeskin. the whole thing is snakeskin woven together. Really amazing detail.
  7. Wow! That really is a work of art! :drool:I can see why you couldn't pass it up--it's stunning. Congratulations and wear in good health.:flowers:
  8. Truely a work of art!! So pretty!
  9. I can't find any other words but AMAZING!! ~ I wouldn't be surprised if you said you had won it at Sotheby's!!
  10. Holy moly, this bag is knockout gorgeous! It really is a piece of art! Looks like it`s made from Karung, a type of watersnake.
  11. Let me join in the WOWs! It's just amazingly beautiful.
  12. Very unique. Beautiful work of art!!
  13. Wowwwwwwwwww. That is divine! It's so gorgeous that you should have a little display case made for her. Do you think you will ever use her or will you keep her just to look at?
  14. Stunning bag. I forgot the name, but it is from Fall/Winter 2006. Karung skin.
  15. Wow - I'm just parrotting everyone else but I don't know what else to say besides it is definitely a work of art! And what exactly is let-trade?! I think I have to check it out if this is any indication of what is there!