My Purple Hug Me is Here!!

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  1. she is. What do you think? I LOVE the colour and I LOVE the shape.

    IMG_3990.JPG IMG_3991.JPG IMG_3992.JPG
  2. Awesome!! :drool::drool::drool:
  3. Stunning!!!!

    Thanks for posting these great pics. Enjoy!
  4. Modelling shots you ask? Voila!

    IMG_3993.JPG IMG_3994.JPG IMG_3995.JPG
  5. Pleh! Nah...if I where you I would not keep it. Send it..........TO ME!!!!!:P

    I LOVE IT! Congrats!!!

    Question is...WHAT DO YOU THINK?????
  6. EEEeeee I have been waiting to see it, and its as gorgeous as I thought! CONGRATS!!!!
  7. :biggrin:

    Thank you Savvy - I love's bigger than I expected and when the leather softens it will be perfect. I adore the colour. It'll be as easy to wear as black for me. I happen to love metallics so this one is a great twist to the usual silvers and golds.
  8. Purple crash is TDF! Looks great on you, can't wait to see more pics when the leather softens up a bit!
  9. SHC, you totally ROCK that bag woman!!! :tup:

    It looks perfect on you and the colour is amazing. You've shown how versatile it is by what you're wearing with it. I've got the WTM coming to me in that colour!!! That will be amazing.

    I can't wait to hear how you enjoy wearing it!!! Ack! You got yours first.....I'm still waiting for mine in black crash!
  10. It is beautiful! I love it! I don't carry colored bags (yeah I know I am boring) but if I did carry colored bags I would get that bag in that color! I love the color.
  11. That bag is soooo gorgeous! And it looks fantastic on you!

    I hope you're comfortable turning heads because you're going to be doing a whole lotta that with this bag!
  12. OMG -that color...that!!! What a fab bag and you rock it so well! I can't wait to get my Purple Crash bag now!! Maybe tomorrow......
  13. love it! i wish i could pull off that color with such style. it is gorgeous, enjoy!
  14. Now you ladies are WAY too much fun to share a new bag with - I'm smiling ear to ear as I read all your posts. I think I'll likely carry it the third way most of the time. It's so roomy though. Those pictures are of an empty bag and I don't think it does the bag justice. I wil be back with softened pictures. Can't wait to see all the other bags in this colour - WTM and MMS - gorgeous!!
  15. It's gorgeous! The purple crash is a stunning color! Loving the Hug Me more and more.... :drool: