My pink and white hip bag and wristlet YEA!!!!

  1. Thanks so much for all of your help. Here is the picture of me and my new bag taken today outside my house. It is adorable and the strap is adjustable it is roomy and really holds a lot The pockets half zip open on the outside actually fit a cell.....and the inside fits a wristlet, keys and more. :love:
  2. ohhh that would look so cute with jeans and a brown shirt! or better jeans and a TEAL shirt!! :smile:

  3. Very nice, congrats! I was looking at the hip bag last night and wondered how it would look on. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Love it! It looks so bright and cheerful. :smile:
  5. Yay! Thank you!!! It looks great on you and I'm so happy that I went ahead and ordered it :smile: Do you find it roomy enough? What can you fit in there? Thanks again Rainbow!
  6. P.S: Are those J.Crew Critter flip flops? Very cute too!
  7. very nice! i just got my mom the khaki hip bag for her birthday, so hopefully it looks just as great as yours!
  8. They look great! I love that you are so coordinated! :smile:
  9. Actually I cannot lie, I had the pink shirt on favorite color and then asked hubbie to take a pic of my bag which took hours to post. By that time, he did not take me to lunch lol....
  10. It is very light and comfortable, adjustable...this pink is so cheerful and you can wear it with black, white, green or khacki....She will love it...and do enjoy your mom, my mom passed away last month and I miss her so......
  11. Yep, they are JCrew critter flip flops in yellow check with pink flamingos, now on sale..:love: I would hate to tell you how many I have..But, I cannot wear I love these...these are the and observant girl!!!!..
  12. Good, that you ordered it. I think it will go quickly in the pink. I have the wristlet in it with the usual lippies and gloss, my key chain, Coach pink that I usually clip, a compact, eye drops, my cell phone and something in the outer pocket. Quite a bit actually, it is deceiving for it is roomy and light and very, very comfy. too.
  13. I really like this bag too..and what a nice change not to carry one... I love your different...and cheery too....:heart:
  14. :heart: I really love this bag...more than I have liked the really expensive ones in a very long is a happy bag...the color...
  15. I like pink and brown, pink and green , but I never thought of teal...good and khaki is great my hubbie calls me pink like the rocker....cannot get enough ot that color...