My new white caviar GST and black Graphic Edge jumbo flap!

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  1. I went back to HK for a couple of days and I actually wanted to get the metallic navy reissue in 225 but my store was out and I didn't have time to check out other stores so I ended up with 2 other bags, black Graphic Edge Jumbo Flap and white caviar GST with SH.

    I know it's crazy to spend so much on a vinyl bag but it blew me away when I first saw it. I was quite disappointed to hear it's not patent leather but I liked it so much I had to have it lol. In fact I was so anxious to carry it that I told my SA to pack away the bag I was carrying then so that I could use the Graphic Edge flap right away:sweatdrop:

    As for the white caviar GST it was a total surprise cos I can never handle white bags. I once spilled a bottle of liquid foundation on a white Gucci (don't ask:Push:smile:, it was a total accident I swear and I sent my bag back to Gucci for cleaning but the stain was never removed completely so I learnt my lesson, that I'm too clumsy and white bags are too "high maintenance" for me. But thanks to my wonderful SA, I decided that every woman needed at least one white bag so I decided to just take the plunge. I still have not taken my bag out, except to admire, so we'll see. I just need to tell myself to be extra careful with this babe:P

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  2. OH... I luv ur GST.. I always want that bag so bad but have the same doubt like u. Plis post some modelling pics.. I luv to see it.. Congratulations..both are gorgeous.
  3. woww they're lovely!!! u better use em dear, no use of having these beauties if u kept them locked :P

  4. yup. it will be prefect touch to some of your summer dresses or outfits. :yes:
  5. two beautiful bags! Congratulations!!!
  6. Congrats and you two gorgeous bags!
  7. wow.. that is marvaaluuusss. i mean, my eyes saw it twinkle! lol
  8. What stunning black and white purchases! The GST is so beautiful in that color.
  9. Both of them are gorgeous, congratulations!
  10. Great bags!! Congratulations!
  11. Gorgeous bags! I love the white GST.
  12. I love the flap! It is so unique.
  13. Ooo...both very beautiful additions. I have yet to take the plunge on a white bag, so I admire your bravery, I'm such a stain magnet -LOL. Hope your trip was fun, and congrats on the new bags!
  14. Both are very,very nice. Especially the Graphic Edge.:drool:That is one gorgeous
    bag!!!:yes: Congratulations on both!
  15. Congrats on you new bags. Love the white gst!