My "New" Wedding Ring

  1. So, some of you may have read last year when my original wedding/engagement (only one ring for me) got stolen at work - I took it off to wash my hands, left it in the ladies room, and poof. Gone.

    I got another one a few months ago...and then lost it when I took it off at the gym to work out. Put it in my locker and forgot to put it back on when I left so that it either got stolen or fell somewhere and is lost forever.

    Then a month ago my grandmother died. She was a wonderful woman and has inspired me in so many ways - not the least of which is jewelry design. In her last few months she LOVED when I took her my new designs. She could still remember names of stones and times when her and grandpa used to dig for stones. Stories that she shared even as her memory failed in other areas.


    She was such a beautiful woman! And incredibly classy - including her jewelry pieces.

    ^^^ That's me and grandma - I was less than 2 years old I think.

    I admit - I was her favorite grandchild. I know grandmas aren't supposed to have favorites, but I was. I was her first and she was nearly a surrogate mother (grandpa was like a dad) after my dad died and mom needed their help raising us. So when she died my mother and I knew that she would have wanted me to have her wedding ring. Grandpa agreed.



    It's SUPER simple and hubby isn't that in love with it. But when I put it on after it was sized I just knew it was meant to be mine. I still have a hard time looking at it without crying. In fact I'm starting to cry right now. :crybaby:


    It's not large ... it's less than half a carat (which is actually larger than my original ring's main stone) with white gold. But I LOVE it!


    ^^^ Not sure why there's so much dust...I cleaned it off. :smile:

    One of these days hubby and I may get an anniversary band or something but this will always be my "new" wedding ring.
  2. Everything you posted is BEAUTIFUL-- the story, your grandmother, you as a baby, the ring! Enjoy it, it looks great on you! :heart:
  3. Yep, lovely post :smile:
    And the ring looks fab - understated elegance. Tres chic!
  4. Oh, that is really sweet. I loved your story.
  5. Wow, your grandmother was beautiful and she sounds like she was an amazing woman. How lucky that you get her ring! It's absolutely gorgeous and all the more meaningful...
  6. what a lovely story... i have tears in my eyes.
  7. What a beautiful story. We are so lucky to have you here on this site. You always have something really nice to say. Your grandmother sounds like a real star, and I hope you weaqr her ring in good health!
  8. I would give anything, absolutely anything, to have such a ring and the meaning behind it. You are so blessed.
  9. That is just the most beautiful thing,I'm sat here with tears rolling down my face!!! What a beautiful legacy from a wonderful woman,it could'nt have ended up with a more loving heart as yours,bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. I miss my grandmom so much, you are very lucky to have that ring, I was my grandmoms fav too, her first grandchild.that ring is gorgeous and is full of love and meaning, you were meant to have it. enjoy
  11. The simplicity of the ring makes it beautiful, but the meaning and memory attached to the ring is what makes it absolutely gorgeous! You can't put a price tag on that! :smile:
  12. It's gorgeous. Please never ever take it off!!!!
  13. I think your grandmother is sooooo beautiful! Please don't ever take this ring off your finger as it's non-replacable & priceless!!!

    You can use ultrasonic to clean diamond. It works really well!
  14. That ring was meant to be for you. I loved my Grandma too, I totally know how you feel. Congragulations on your engagement by the way.
  15. Grandmothers are so precious. I miss both of mine dearly. I'm so happy that you are blessed to have her ring.