My new wallet on a chain - I don't know the style name

  1. Hi gals,
    I wanted to share my new wallet on a chain!

    I'm trying to find the style and when it was made, can any of you gals help me? Is it made of leather? What is the type of finish on this? I bought it from Neiman's today.

  2. I don't think your's is leather - it looks like some fabric material! I have seen the leather (lambskin) wallet on a chain though. How much was yours?
  3. It does look like fabric, but the SA told me it's leather =\. Its $1325 and the SA said it was from last season?
  4. Whatever it is, it's sassy!! Good choice :tup:
  5. i love it too! i've been eyeing it for a while!
  6. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cute!! Looks bigger than the other wallets on a chain that I have seen.
  8. Congrats! I just got my exact same wallet on chain in the mail the other day. I got it through Neiman Marcus catalog quick order.

    I got so many compliments when I took it into the Chanel boutique today. My SA wasn't 100% sure on what type of leather it was, but she said it was most likely lambskin. :yes: Enjoy your new WOC!
  9. oh yay! thanks ladies, i love it! so missisa, how do you like it so far? i wanted to upgrade from my lv pochette and this is definitely an upgrade :smile: it IS lambskin? it has a unique crackle-like finish, i wonder how it was made...
  10. ohh Mich, I love it! Looks great on you too!
  11. I know exactly what you mean. When I got it in the mail, I was just touching it and staring at the leather, wondering how the heck they got it to have such a cool texture. I prefer the metallic black mystery leather of the wallet on chain than the metallic black lambskin on the reissue!


    I love it so far. It was definitely a splurge for something so small, but I know I will use it for evenings and club night outs. It can actually fit a fair amount of things inside!
  12. ah thank you all!

    it is too cool! i am amazed at the texture. hehe, it really is a mystery WOC :p i cannot wait to wear it out!
  13. that is just adorable!! i want one too!
  14. Very stunning!!! :tup::tup: all the way!!

  15. oh thats beautiful!
    Will a cell phone and keys fit inside?
    May I ask the price?
    Thank you!