My new upgrade: Tiffany Soleste!!!

  1. so so beautiful. congrats. i'm so happy you finally got your dream ring! also love your daytona (?) and pink mcqueen scarf - i have the same one!
  2. WOW your ring looks incredible! :nuts:
  3. Aww thank you so much sweetie! I love my rose gold Daytona, I think it looks good with my new ring hehe! You have such a good eye, I was wearing the pink McQueen scarf in that pic!!! I adore them :love:
  4. Thanks so much!!!
  5. your ring is just stunning! I love the metro bands. They look super nice on you.
  6. Sprinkles your ring is so beautiful - it really is an exceptional piece of jewellery, I hope you and your lovely DH get many many years of joy with it!!

    I love the two Metro bands you wear with it - I think I would like to have something similar for my wedding set. We're just looking at engagement rings now and I think I would like a Metro wedding band and perhaps a second one to be added at the 10 year anniversary? Still very early of course but am doing lots of research...
  7. Thank you, I also love my metros they are perfect for the Soleste!
  8. Aww thanks Bitten! This ring is exactly what I had been dreaming about for a while now so I'm sure she will always be with DH and I!!!

    You're smart for doing a lot of research, at least when it happens you will know you looked at every option and chose the perfect one! I really love the metro bands by Tiff's, I searched for these types of rings high and low and the metro beat all of the other contenders IMO, these little guys have detail on the edges of the band that none of the other bands we looked at had! They are very thin but pack a whole lot of sparkle and detail!!! Good luck & I hope you end up with your dream ring & bands!
  9. I raelly wish the metro came in plat.
  10. Oh my god, this is stunning!! Loving the little metro bands too!
  11. I thought I had already commented but apparently not!!! Congratulations on your new upgrade Sprinkles!!!! The Soleste is absolutely gorgeous and the bands are such a good match. Love the display case!!
  12. It's stunning! Congrats!! The Soleste is actually my dream engagement wedding and I've went to Tiffanys to look at it. Even the 1 carat one I looked at was huge. Do you mind me asking how much yours cost like a rough estimate? I forgot to ask how much it would be for 2 carats plus on the Soleste.
  13. What can I say...absolute perfection!!!
    Love the bands, stunning together with your gorgeous e-ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And for those negative posters that can't seem to enjoy anyone's happiness...SCREW!!!
  14. Congrats! That is simply spectacular!
  15. Darn I thought I commented! :shucks:
    This is REALLY gorgeous, enjoy it!! :love: