My new upgrade: Tiffany Soleste!!!

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  1. Congratulations! The ring suits u perfectly. :smile: u must be so happy now.
  2. It is so so gorgeous!!!!!!! Glad this thread popped up again! WOW never seen one that BIG before!
  3. Beautiful!!!! And I love love love your display! Happy anniversary, enjoy your new ring.
  4. Wow!!! Your ring is gorgeous! I think the Soleste is so well designed that it goes well with any carat size. Congrats and wishing you an early anniversary!
  5. Aww thanks! DH is indeed a very special one of a kind person, I'm very lucky!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Thank you very much!!! I love that stand, I was lucky to have found it!
  6. Thank you :biggrin:

    Wow that is such a nice compliment, btw, I love all of your jewelry!!!

    Thank you, you and I are twins hehe! I hope you're enjoying your gorgeous soleste!!!
  7. Thanks!!!

    Thank you darling, he is definitely a keeper :biggrin:

    Thank you, its been hard trying not to look at my hand lol, btw, my name came from my love of Sprinkles cupcakes and my obsession with anything thats bling :lol:

    Thank you sweetie!!!
  8. She is beautiful!!!!!! Congrats to you and what a lovely DH you have!!
  9. Thanks, I'm beyond happy right now! I'm sure you are too with your gorgeous ring!!!

    Thank you very much, I can't wait to see your new beauty :biggrin:

    Thanks Ame!!! :hugs:

    Thank you so so much!!!

    Thanks, its such a compliment coming from you being that you have such an amazing ring yourself!!!
  10. Thank you sweetheart :biggrin:

    Aww thank you, I'll have to tell DH what all of you lovely ladies have said of him so that I can watch him blush :giggles:
  11. Oohh I love it when Megs chimes in!
  12. I love your ring and your "jewelry boxes"! As others have said, you are lucky in many respects! Enjoy - I bet its hard to stop looking at your left hand! :biggrin:
  13. wow - stunning!
  14. Thank you!!! I'm not going to lie, its very hard to not look at my hand every second! :biggrin:
  15. Thanks you!!!