My new upgrade: Tiffany Soleste!!!

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  1. Gorgeous!!
  3. Thank you!!!

    I appreciate that and I'm also thrilled for your beauty too!

    Aww thank you so much!

    Thanks! Btw, your ring is truly amazing :biggrin:

    I had a 3ct oval but the color/clarity and cut always bugged me, that is why we upgraded and actually sold the oval since I wasn't going to wear it anymore and I was never truly happy with it, DH wanted it out of our lives lol!
  4. You always have the sweetest and best things to say :hugs:

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you darling! I'll have to take some new pics of my little VCA collection to share, I love me some VCA but not the prices :p


    Thank you, and that beauty on your avatar is also exquisite!!!
  5. One more pic in restaurant lighting!
    photo (83).JPG
  6. OMG! Can I just say that's totally blinding!! What a gorgeous piece! Congrats!! I must say you are a very lucky girl and have the sweetest DH ever! :smile:))))
  7. Your ring is AMAZING! It looks gorgeous on your hand and is a perfect compliment to your stunning jewelry collection. What a sweet DH you have!
  8. This is SO beautiful and I LOVEEE the look of the two bands with it! Perfect!!! Congrats on getting it! Might I add that I also love the glass stand for it!!
  9. That is amazing, congratulations! And I love the ring stand.
  10. so gorgeous sprinkles! I love how you display your pieces, visually it's so enjoyable almost like a museum. your pieces are museum worthy for sure!!
  11. Stunning!
  12. Wow!
  13. Wow! Your ring is just gorgeous, and looks wonderful on you. Your DH sounds like a keeper for sure! Enjoy them both! :smile:
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    I particular, Sprinkels&Bling (love the name!), your ring is simply STUNNING! Love the photos, enjoy! I bet you can't stop looking at your hand!
  15. Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!! :drool: