My new upgrade: Tiffany Soleste!!!

  1. Aww thanks! I love your YD Soleste :sunshine:

    I also think they look huge when 2.50+ cts but with my chubby fingers I need that bigger look lol :p
  2. Thank you!! That really helps :smile: again congrats you're soo lucky!!! ;)
  3. Sorry! It was a typo. I was blinded by all that sparkle!

  4. No problem ;)

    She has that effect on me too! :lol:
  5. I had to post this pic I took of my Soleste today because it LITERALLY took my breath away :love:

    The second pic I added for size comparison in case anyone is curious, btw I took these while at Barnes & Noble with my iPhone
    photo (9).JPG photo (11).JPG
  6. SOO gorgeous!! Do you ever catch someone starring at your ring?! I wouldn't be surprised if you get that ALL the time! :p
  7. These pics litterally took my breath away!!!
  8. Good Lord that is a beautiful ring Sprinkles!!! You can grace us with pictures of her ANYTIME!!!
  9. What a stunner! I'd stare all day..
  10. beautiful! your bands are perfect with it!
  11. Omg! I love love love your set!
  12. Can't stop admiring your set. Your rings are very pretty. Your stone is beautiful.... And bigggggggg! And what a sparkle.
  13. LOL Thank you, you made me giggle! I actually have caught people looking at my Soleste but it doesn't bother me one bit since I can't stop looking at her either! :biggrin:

    You're so sweet!!!

    Thanks Jen! I couldn't help myself with these pics, DH was making fun at me saying I was mesmerized by her and that I was never going to finish looking at my magazines! Poor guy thought we would be at Barness & Noble all night :roflmfao:

    Thanks, I do! I'm sure you stare at your lovely ring all day too ;)

    Thanks sweetie!!!

    Hehe you're too cute, thanks!!!

    Thank you very much!!!
  14. WOWOWOWOW! Absolutely stunning! Wear it in the best of health!!!!
  15. Thanks sweetie!!!