My new trouville!

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  1. My wedding anniversary gift! Its the trouville! In a magnificent multicolor too! Would prefer the speedy, but i guess this one less likely to go out of shape. And it looks like a little treasure trove too. V precious :amuse:. I love it. (Although a friend asked me today which cosmetic i bought to get this bag :blink:smile:


  2. Beautiful! What a nice gift! The Trouville has all those nice pockets on the inside, doesn't it?
  3. I love the colour combo on the front, it has all three !
  4. the shape on this bag is very cute.
  5. aahh - a gift with purchase reference...:blink: :blink:

    The multicolor bags have grown on me through the years, I very much like the shape of the trouville - I hope you get many years of use out of it - and tell your friend to pick up a fashion magazine. :P

    Where did your man buy the bag? Did he tell you?
  6. Yeah he bought it from the LV shop. It came with the receipt too! I can change it if I don't like it ha ha. Maybe I can convert it to the papillon, a wallet and an agenda ha ha, more value-for-money! Just kidding.

    And pseud, it has 3 compartments inside. One for the phone.
  7. Lovely bag! I'm having bag envy here!!!
  8. It's fabulous!
  9. I love the trouville ;) Weird that the LV store left the plastic on the handles though.. That's unheard of!
  10. That's why I asked where he bought it? Perhaps just an oversight?
  11. I liked the plastic sheaths. Couldn't bear to take it off. Thanks for the flattering posts gals. Makes me like it even more! Another ego-boosting, self-indulgent pic, next to my dowdy damiere bastille hehehe

  12. You know, the first bag I bought from the LV boutique, they removed the plastic, but when I bought my Speedy, they didn't. Guess it just depends on the SA and if they're feeling lazy that day?
  13. Happy Anniversady and congrats the bag is beautifl! sounds like your friends are about as handbag savy as mini are!
  14. :biggrin: wooooooooow ,, congratulations sweet heart and Happy anniversary ,,, its soooooooooo sweeet ,,, i was considering it ,, But now ,, its my next purchase :idea:
  15. what a fabulous present! congrats!

    haha you're friend is a little out of the loop...