My new trouville!


Jan 6, 2006
My wedding anniversary gift! Its the trouville! In a magnificent multicolor too! Would prefer the speedy, but i guess this one less likely to go out of shape. And it looks like a little treasure trove too. V precious :amuse:. I love it. (Although a friend asked me today which cosmetic i bought to get this bag :blink:smile:


aahh - a gift with purchase reference...:blink: :blink:

The multicolor bags have grown on me through the years, I very much like the shape of the trouville - I hope you get many years of use out of it - and tell your friend to pick up a fashion magazine. :P

Where did your man buy the bag? Did he tell you?
Yeah he bought it from the LV shop. It came with the receipt too! I can change it if I don't like it ha ha. Maybe I can convert it to the papillon, a wallet and an agenda ha ha, more value-for-money! Just kidding.

And pseud, it has 3 compartments inside. One for the phone.
I liked the plastic sheaths. Couldn't bear to take it off. Thanks for the flattering posts gals. Makes me like it even more! Another ego-boosting, self-indulgent pic, next to my dowdy damiere bastille hehehe

You know, the first bag I bought from the LV boutique, they removed the plastic, but when I bought my Speedy, they didn't. Guess it just depends on the SA and if they're feeling lazy that day?