My new Tan PG MM & Moofia Gang~

  1. lol was a real happy and broke ger today :yahoo: found my perfect PG MM and the whole moofia gang!

  2. LOVE your bag and moofia! where did you get the MM from?
  3. i got the MM from a local ger who's diversifying her bag collection hehe...
  4. :tup: great find! you're so lucky.... i don't think i'll ever find a tan PG anything!
  5. OMG those little guys are SO CUTE!
  6. ITA ! it was love at first sight with the Moofia gang; i definitely did not expect to find the whole set for sale at a local toy the trouble of getting duplicates hehe
  7. congrats! great print placement! oooh cool that you got the whole set of minions! though your pg looks like a BV..or could it be just me? haha!
  8. vmasterz u are so observant...aft ur post i went to compared it to my foresta BV and realised it is really a BV lolx..i guess i got a good deal for it hehe
  9. birki your playground BV is soooo beautiful!! I LOVE the playground print :love: and you have all the minions .. too cuute!!! yay!
  10. Verrry pretty, very lucky indeed! Congrats
  11. niiiice....

    I still need the soya moofia... I shoulda been smart like you and just bought the whole set!! haha!
  12. Birki: Your BV is gorgeous!!!!:drool::drool: You simply must introduce me to your friend. She has anymore TDF bags for sale?? :graucho:Ha! Ha! How much did you pay for the bag, may I ask? And the moofia gang, you found there here in a toy store? Wow, that's a lucky find. Did you have to pay a lot for them?:smile:
  13. I was about to ask the same Q as vmasterz; it looks too big to be a MM! ;)
    Heck you got one after all.. Probably a sweeter deal than the one on Yahoo! Taiwan? How much If you don't mind me asking? :graucho:
    Congrats birki! It really is gorgeous! :nuts::drool:
    You got the pink haired girl on both sides :heart:
    I am green with envy now!
    (hehe how appropriate of my name... :greengrin:smile:

    sorry i love it :smile:

    great find congrats!!
    my fav minions are
    latte and leche!!

    those are the only three i want!
  15. Ur playground BV is beautiful . *droolinggggggg* And the minions are super cute. I never really thought of getting them but now, I have been enabled! LOL! Must say no ...