My new Rouille (rust/reddish-orange) Twiggy!

  1. Ooh, I really like it. Wasn't so sure when I saw the swatch, but to see the bag makes me want one. Thank you for sharing!!
  2. Update on the bag:

    It's only been 24 hours but it's already getting softer! This color is so stunning. My friend (he's a guy) who saw it said, "Wow it looks like a lobster, but it looks like a very soft lobster."

    Oh! :smile:
  3. congrats on the hot bag!!! :smile: just out of curiousity... what colors do you wear when you carry the bag?
  4. :lol: Sounds like something my son would say.
  5. It really goes with ANYTHING. I wear a lot of jeans, and white tops. It even goes with a navy Junk Food tee if you layer a white tank under it (makes it look almost U.S. patriotic). It's such a vibrant color that if you have the confidence, you can wear anything and it'll still look fab.

    It even goes with sweatpants :smile:
  6. thanks for the suggestion! I really love bold colors, so it's good to know it goes with almost everything. :smile: I might have to get one... itchy hands...
  7. Love the color, love the bag! My CB Twiggy is so much fun to carry and so light and colorful.........I know you will enjoy yours as well.