My new popincourt--another failure

  1. So I have severe buyer's remorse, and I'm also very much an impulse shopper--but I always return the stuff later, thereby wasting lots of gas and time. Anyway, a few weeks ago I treated myself on my birthday to a damier speedy 25 and a pomme cles. i also got a MC cles. Returned all that.

    This weekend I was in philly and bought a popincourt b/c I really need a smaller evening bag. It's plenty big enough for my needs but I don't know....after carrying it for one night I was like....not so much.

    How much thought do you guys put into your bags before you buy them? I know that some people REALLY think about it and others just BUY it..but for those who really think about it, how do you know it's the right one for you?

    I was thinking "gosh for $795 I could've gotten a bigger bag or accessories or a pochette and some other stuff..." etc etc.....I need help figuring out how to buy a bag and not return it, basically.
  2. My mom and I are def. impulse buyers
  3. i am definitely not an impulse buyer and research till the wee hours of the morning on the style that i like. THEN after a few days of seeing if i am still thinking about that bag or those bags, i go to the store and try them out. i put all my stuff from my purse into the new bag and see how it feels, looks, works out. there's a whole process of elimination at that point and hence, less wasted time in returning or buyer's remorse. nothing more sad than having to go back and return things that didnt really "click" in the end. good luck!!
  4. I usually follow my gut instinct. I usually see it on a fellow TPFer then hit the boutique. If I still feel the same way when I'm there, I get it. If I question anything while I'm there, I usually walk away from it.
  5. I used to be an impulse buyer, until I got tired of the hassle of returning. My first LV purchase included two bags and a wallet which I returned a week later - unused. After that, I found TPF and did some 'research' for my next purchase before finally deciding on the duomo. It is still by far my favorite!!!
  6. I am an impulse buyer with everything BUT LV. Just too expensive for me to just buy on impulse. I gave a lot of thought to my speedy and am giving a lot of thought towards my next purchase too. I DID impulse buy on my first LV purchase though - I was a LV virgin and had no clue what I was doing and bought the popincourt haut. Nice bag but wasn't my type I guess. I gave it to my mother and since then I am very methodical about the bags I buy. Like I said....too much money to just blow.
  7. I will obsess over a bag or two while I am saving up money. Then, when the time comes to actually get the bag I go with the one that wows me RIGHT THEN!
    I've only 3 bags and 3 accessories, but I love them all!
  8. I put a lot of thought most of the time when purchasing my LV's.
  9. I'm totally impulse, but always am happy with my purchases.
  10. I tend to get buyer's remorse, but I bought my first LV in Barcelona while on vacation! I had a serious case of buyer's remorse accompanied with a case of an upset stomach, but my fellow tPFer, Keesh70, helped me get over it really fast. She also made her first LV purchase that day and talked me through it by reminding me that we are two FABULOUS divas on vacation and we would always cherish our Lockits as kick butt souveniers from Spain. I had a bit of buyer's remorse with my second bag purchase as well because I was disappointed that my BH was made in the U.S. But, Keesh70 talked me through it again and helped me feel good about my purchase. Buyer's remorse is a bummer, but that's why it's important to research your bag, buy when you know you can afford it, and my last trick is that I don't even bother to look at the receipt. I just fold it up and look at it later over a glass of wine with Keesh70 :nuts:
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that you have buyer's remorse! It's definitely not a good feeling. I'm not an impulse buyer at all and I haven't returned anything in ages. The key is to think about what you're spending money on before making a purchase. Ask whether the bag is practical or something that you plan on using regularly.

    You should also force yourself to observe a "cooling off" period before you buy anything. If you see something that you like, don't buy it right away...wait a few days and see if you're still in love. This forum is a great resource. Ask lots of questions, look at the visual aid threads, and do a search for old threads. If you find yourself still lusting for the bag after doing all of your research, then buy it.

    Unfortunately, buyer's remorse is unavoidable in certain instances. Sometimes you may only realize how ill-suited a bag is for your needs after you use it. At that point you can't beat yourself up. You can sell it without guilt, knowing that you did your homework before purchasing.
  12. I usually put a lot of thought into my purchases from LV & regret few!
  13. for bags: a lot of thought
    for accessories: sometimes impulse buys (eg. multicolour scarf and a etoiles bandeau)

    however, I have no regrets and I don't do returns/exchanges
  14. I put a lot of thought into the bags & accessories I buy. I don't know...I guess I'm just anal in that way.
  15. I tend to impulse buy on little things, like my pomme cles (totally loved it and had no regrets) and my mini monogram cles (ended up selling it later). With bags I take more time. I go to the store, compare and try them on, leave the store to think about it, then go back to try them on again. This usually happens over a course of a few days because I really need time to think it over (i.e. think about where I can where the bag, what outfits I can wear with it, what can fit in it, etc.) I figure if I'm dropping that much money for a bag I better be sure about it before I buy it.