My new Manor Bag - first pictures!

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  1. I borrowed my uncle's camera today and took some pictures of my new Manor in berry red patent ... the colour reminds me of dark rich red velvet or a glass of red wine with sunlight shining through it...
    The weather is really :cursing: here so I had to use all the available lighting in my room and the flashlight as well - I hope the pictures are okay so far ... when the weather gets better I plan to make some pictures where I am actually carrying the bag.


    Kopie von BBManorBerry1.JPG Kopie von BBManorBerry2.JPG Kopie von BBManorBerry3.JPG Kopie von BBManorBerry4.JPG
  2. lord that has to be one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen...... Grabs and runs LOL congrats :O)
  3. Love this bag!!! Congrats...the color is stunning!
  4. That is such a gorgeous bag. I think of all the colors I have seen on this bag, the red patent is my fav!
  5. regina, that is totally HOT! Please post a modeling pic so we can drool some more! I'd love to see how it looks!
  6. Very nice bag congratulations
  7. congrats! modelling pics please!!!!
  8. OMG :drool:!! That is a GORGIOUS color! So much prettier than I thought you ment ( I thought you had more of an aubergine/grape color).
    Djeez, you must be staring at it all the time ;)
  9. Well...yes, actually I's a little idiotic, I know...I placed the bag in our living room so I can look at it most of the time...
  10. I agree! Congrats!
  11. wow! yummy!! congrats!!
  12. An absolutely stunning bag for an equally stunning lady. You must post a pick of you with your beauty in action..fabulous!;)
  13. Thank you so much...:shame::shame::shame:
  14. Congratulations.
  15. I saw this bag in person and LOVED the rich berry color! I debated between this and my Baby Beaton last November. Then a couple weeks ago, I got a patent wristlet in that same luscious red... but if I had the $$, I would so pounce on the Manor. Enjoy your stunning new arm candy!