My new goodies!!

  1. Went out shopping with good intentions of buying holiday gifts only for others, but as most of you have warned me the Orange was calling to me, and I couldnt resist, lol. But In my own defence I was "good" and didnt buy a bag :p, just accessories. Well at least to me I feel like I displayed some sort of resistance.....Lets get to the goods:graucho:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]

    Thats it:shame:
  5. ooh so lovely LO!!! congrats on your fabby buys!
  6. Beautiful scarves!!! Is that a leather scarf ring?
  7. Thanks Peanutbabycakes

    beaumonde, thank you and No its a bracelet, its very casual, I love it, and its one of the only ones that fit on my abnormally large wrists:s
  8. Oh! Haven't seen that before. It's lovely!!! Will be so fun to wear. :smile:

    I have large wrists too... my KDT has finally stretched a bit to be a better fit!
  9. OMG I love that first scarf! What is its name? I need one!!! Is it the same price as the scarves on the site?

    Congrats on your lovely purchases!!!
  10. I adore the will have to take a pic wearing one with your JIGE!!!!!
  11. beaumonde I hate having the big wrists bc I am dying to wear the clic clack and its too tight for comfort:tdown:

    ameikbs yes it was $325. Thank you for the compliments. If I am correct Cynthia told me that the names are incorporated on the scarf so following that advice I believe the name is "De Tout Coeur" But I could be totally wrong and a moron:shame:. Some other ladies probably know better than me

    Candace117, thank you!! hehe yes I must take pics, I have yet to use the jige:push:, I have just been adoring her and put her back in the box, haha
    Trust me, a rose shocking Jige has a very bold personality and needs to be used or she will get very jealous of your other items...she needs a lot of attention and love ;)

    That's EXACTLY the clutch I want to buy, even though it is totally clashing with the raisin Lindy I want :biggrin: what can I say I like color?
  13. Thank you so much *Lo! You're a doll! I'll call my SA tomorrow morning! Do you know if this a new print? I got into Hermes only last week, I've bought 4 items since then, the orange boxes are addictive... :sweatdrop:

  14. HEHEHE!! I know she is dying to break free of her box, lol
    I LOVELOVELOVE color too, I say go for the rose jige, she is the perfect combo of color and style (IMO);)
  15. ameikbs8 Your WElcome:smile:, well when my SA showed it to me he said it was a new design. GO FOR IT!! Its crazy how addictive it is, I find myself dreaming of new purchases as soon as i leave the store, lol