My New Dior Neck Lace

  1. I just bought it on wedsday and love it.
  2. Where Did You Buy It At ?
  3. HHHHMMM the mall. But is a 100% athentic i picked it up for $10 dollars and love it because it is real
  4. i think it might be a fake !!
  5. hmmm....
  6. HMMM~~ but the link to the picture states that it's from (aka; counterfeit nation) I only noticed it b/c when I went under your username, under other posts made by you, the first post picture of the 'Dior' necklace you made on this thread was linked to :blink: HMMMM~~~
  7. That seems fishy.
  8. I now because my camera is not working so i found one off ioffer.
  9. if it is real them why dont you go to and get the picture?
  10. that pendant looks kinda iffy if you know whata mean...and for $10?..
  11. TACKY! And why is it in the LV thread?
  12. OOOpppps, wrong thread sweetie.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. $10 ???
  15. um..which store? ;)

    It's not so bad just admitting you bought it on ioffer...but you should know it's FAKE and wrong. :sick: