My New Dior Neck Lace

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  1. maybe she thought authentic as in authentic silver...not authentic as in actually from the designer. when people not purse obsessed say authentic or real, i've found they usually mean the materials not the designer. :smile:
  2. exactly...thats what I meant :lol:
  3. Maybe she just doesn't know it's fake. Poor her....... We all need to educate her between the real stuff and fake stuff.
  4. does the real material legitimizes the fake deisgn, it doesn't to me.

    Jenniferm you should be more careful in picking up things that seller claims to be 100% authentic, because there are so many of these in the world (or on ebay) that are not EVEN close to it.
  5. basically, its just fashion jewelry like earrings with rhinestones in it...i guess if its authentic it has to be real diamonds , correct ladys??
  6. that is correct.
  7. actually on this board, most of the time authentic refers to actually made by the designer.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree!!