My new black beauty and her friends. Come and see!

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  1. Fedex man just came and brought me this packet... :graucho:

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  2. Open it ...
  3. When I heard that there is black Empreinte coming I almost fainted. I love black so much, it is so versatile and care-free and classy in every situation. I knew that I had to get at least one Empreinte item, but the problem was which one. After thinking it a while the decision was clear. I needed a bag that I can take to work, to school or even to dinner if I have to go there straight from work etc. This model just does it all!

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  4. It's gorgeous ...
  5. So here she is, my new black Empreinte Lumineuse PM! Pure love :heart:. I think that Tapage charm looks cute with her, do you think so too?

    And the best part is that I snapped it before the increase. I am so happy!!

    There has been a discussion about this print, and I think that in my bag it is not as deep as I have seen in other colors, but I actually like this one in black. Somehow it looks expensive this way! I love her to death!

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  6. Very pretty!
  7. After receiving this one I collected my BLACK LV and Chanel beauties together and took a pic from them. I just love these two brands, they look classic.
    If someone wonders, these other bags are LV EE BB, Chanel Jumbo Caviar and Chanel GST Caviar.

    I also have two classic Hermes bracelets, Collier de Chien and XL wide clic clac to wear with my new Lumineuse.

    Thank you for watching, you are the best! It is the best to share this love to bags here with you! :love::hbeat:

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  8. Such a beautiful Lumi! Love your Chanels with your LVs. They look so good together. Congrats on your gorgeous new addition. :biggrin:
  9. Lovely new bag and the charm goes very well with it. Congrats!

    I love your black bag collection! Do you have a favourite?
  10. Thank you so much. I prefer Jumbo over GST, but then the LV´s are so different that I really can not say my favorite. (But now I feel that it is this Lumi :graucho:)
  11. pretty collection! congrats!👍
  12. Congrats on your black beauty and charm! What a classy collection :smile:
  13. Your collection is absolutely stunning! Congrats!
  14. Beautiful bag and collection! :tup:
  15. Timeless and beautiful collection.The charm looks great. Love your taste Congrats!