My new baby

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  1. Introducing my new to me Reissue 227. Have wanted this for a while but have been kicking myself for not buying it much sooner when the prices were more reasonable. So... Waited patiently for a preloved one and got lucky to find this baby. Excellent condition and price I would've paid if I purcased when I first saw it. I am in ❤️! image.jpeg
  2. Congrats! She is a beauty!
  3. Congrats! Beautiful reissue
  4. Beautiful, congrats!
  5. Great find, congrats!
  6. Beautiful!! What a gorgeous Reissue! Congrats. :love:
  7. Beautiful! I have the same 227 bought several years ago and it still looks like new, these are keepers!
  8. It is so pretty!
  9. That's truly gorgeous! Congrats.
  10. This is my fav combo of reissue, i saw a pre love one too but still hesitate...
  11. Thank you! So happy with this bag :smile:
  12. I hesitated too with the first few I found preloved. I usually buy new from boutique. This one- I trusted the seller and went to see it and saw what excellent condition it was in. It was meant to be :smile:
  13. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
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  14. Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
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  15. Gorgeous reissue. Love the black and gold combo. Enjoy!!
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