My new arrivals and a family pic

  1. After so many searching, selling, and buying I finally found my favorite colors and hardwares.:yahoo: I have one of each now.:tup: I just got my Steel Work w/RH yesterday (which i love and it is going to age beautifully) and my VF Day w/SH on Friday from BalNY. I am very happy with what i have right now and finally get to relax and enjoy my bags.:wlae: I am taking my Steel Work with me on my trip and leaving the rest behind till i get back. Hopefully when i get back it won't be too long to see the EB or the other bright colors for S/S 08. Then i will add a pop color to my collection.:graucho: The leather on all my bags are wrinkly, soft, and chewy just the way i like them to be.:drool: Thanks to those of you who advised me and helped me with my decision.:heart::love: Enjoy the pics.:smile:
    IMG_3446 (2).JPG IMG_3447 (2).JPG IMG_3448 (2).JPG IMG_3449 (2).JPG
  2. VF Day w/SH, GGH Sandstone Work.:wlae:
    IMG_3451 (2).JPG IMG_3455 (2).JPG IMG_3456 (2).JPG IMG_3466 (2).JPG IMG_3467 (2).JPG
  3. And finally updated family pic.:p
    IMG_3474 (2).JPG
  4. CONGRATS! That is a gorgeous collection and the leather on each looks amazinggg! Great colors, know you'll be able to use them forever :nuts:
  5. Beautiful collection!
  6. your steel city is TDF!!! :heart::heart::heart:
    i can't wait for mine to come! :jammin:
  7. congratulations! very nice collection. :smile:
  8. :nuts: congrats!
  9. Awesome collection! I totally love the neutral color approach (my approach too!) and I'm in hopeless love with your sandstone!! Congrats on a great balfamily!
  10. wow, really nice family pic. as you know, i especially love the steel work, now i have to think about it in RH! congrats!
  11. Lovely! I ADORE the wallet!! What is the name of it, I would love to track one down!
  12. Holly Molee..... HOW Pretty!!!! cOngrats NaNaz... the leather on your new steel is SOOOO smooshy & plush!!!! LOVE IT!
  13. Very beautiful Steel Work! I'm totally in love with Work styles now!! Congrats on your gorgeous collection!:drool::drool::drool:
  14. Thanks for sharing I really like your choices, you have great taste. enjoy your trip, may i ask where you're going?
  15. Cpngratulations! Great collection.