My lovely experinece with GST

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  1. This is going to make some people laught, but here is the story.

    I needed to have one comfy everyday bag in black and I decided on GST - relatively big, will always stay in style, price is good, caviar will last forever and my kids like it.

    To take advantage of NM buy 2 get $400 of each I called my Short Hills SA and ask for 2 bags specifically imposing that I want 2 brand new never touched bags. One would be GST black with s/h and another is absolutely to die for red Alexander McQeen. Yes she said and told me that she would be sending them 2 from different stores. The very next day I received GST. Let me tell you: the bag wasn't in the condition I specified. The box was one of those standart huge no picture boxes you can't fit anywhere. Instead of black Chanal sleeping bag - it was wrapped in clear plastic bag, did not have Chanel Tag but rather only NM Tag attached. The cards were inside and bag did not look worn, but again with caviar if you careful - it can look brand new years from now. I am not being too picky - if I spending $4K at once I want it to be done to my desires, right? And bag did came from Short Hills NM
    When I eventually tracked her down next day she said that she did not see how they packaged the bag in shipping and they all so busy and if evenually she will get the fresh bag - she'll exchange it for me. And who knows when it's going to be? I would have to hold the bag instead of wearing it - I think that returning worn bag is not nice - I wouldn't do it to somebody as I don't like it myself.
    I take pride in all my bags, very careful and loving with wearing them and always store in original boxed/bags . I always have all my receipts and tags in a case I ever want to return on sell them on e-bay.

    Anyway, all she needed to do to call couple other stores. That's exactly what I did - I called my SA in Garden State Plaza and asked the same question. She was leaving early but told me to come in - they have the bag. That was another story - we came on Saturday - last day of the promotion at about 8:30 p.m.. There are 2 SA's on the floor and place is packed - never saw so many people in handbags. Well, they do have Chanel but where? - on the 3rd floor behind the customer service in some storage room piled on 3 sets of wired shelves. SA just left me along with other customer alone in that room until I found the bag - as it suppose to be condition - brand new. Than she came back and tried to find a box - after 2 trips up and down she finally located it. I felt really bad for that lady - she was so exausted that she barely could think.

    Now I have 2 of the same bag - next step is to bring one back ( in the plastic bag) and make an exchange. Somebody will loose the sale but in this case I am not that worried - they both made a lot of money in those 4 days of NM madness.

    BTW - my Alexander McQeen bag did not come yet.:smile:
  2. i know it took u a bit of time- but i think u have done the right thing. when paying soo much money i want my bag prestine and nicely packed
  3. When you spend money like that, you deserve to get exactly what you want!
    Congrats, by the way!;)
  4. Congrats! You finally got the one you wanted!!
  5. Thank you ladies.

    I think I went overboard last month. Except these 2 I also bought bronze Mahina xs LV, very cute white joy Boston Gucci with black flowers applications ( my 15 yo daughter just loved that bag but I am the one who is going to wear it) and classic Nancy Gonzalez on e-bay for only $1,500.

    That is what happened when you gain weight :crybaby:and can't find anything to fit where bags, shoes and jewerly have no size limit

    Think I am done for this season.
  6. It's nice to see somebody take the bull by the horns and get the job done herself! You're right - the original s/a would have called stores and you are perfectly capable of doing that yourself so you don't have to wait for what you want and paid for! I wish more people in this forum would use their brain and mouth instead of constantly posting questions they could easily find the answers to with a phone call! And how cool that you got to pick your own bag! I'd die if left alone in a stockroom full of Chanel!

    Congrats to you!! I know it's the Chanel forum but please post a pic of your McQueen bag in here when it arrives. I heard the red is TDF!
  7. I also had a few bad experiences with NM when doing charge-send. I used to receive a lambskin bag with another customer's receipt still left inside.

    I'm glad that you finally got a new bag.
  8. Thank you Roey.

    The only husstle will be to go back to one of the stores and return one .

    As soon as I get the red one - I'll post it - anyway there is no forum for Alexander Mcqueen bags. It is a big bag - not a shoulder - but the color is absolutely fabulous.

    Here is the exact bag from the website - just in crock.

    Sorry ladies, I am truly a Chanel person, but once in a while you need something fun.
  9. Roey,

    There was not much to choose from. They did not have very big selection. Mostly the classics ( which I have) , there were also 2 evening stars in black and white - did not like them - look little plastic to me especially black.

    I guess I did not look suspisious to leave me there for good 15 min.:smile:
  10. It is #14 in silver croc
  11. congrats
    what an epic time
  12. Continue with the story.

    Yesterday, finally I've got my long awaited Alexander McQueen.

    You should see my face when I opened the box.

    Yes, there was the bag inside - but in what condition: no tags what so ever, no NM tag, no cards inside - nothing. The paper inside was so old - absolutely not the original one. There is ouside pocket which was suppose also staffed with the paper to hold a shape ( this bag had nothing there).Bag looked like many times touched display item at least.

    I was so pissed - 2 bags I specifically ordered in brand new condition - $4K - and both were absolutely wrong.

    I called my SA and practically was screaming at her - and she started apologizing that she did not know what condition bag would be since it came from the other store and she actually does have brand new on her shelf right now and she is happy to exchange it and so on.

    Now, I have to schlep to NM ( good 50 miles for me) again, with 2 bad bags, make all kind of transactions ( returning, exchanging), panish very nice lady in Gaeden State Plaza NM by returning bag on her account and all for $400 saving and my SA to make a good comission?And don't forget extra trip to GS Plaza

    I thought that with me being her good customer she will go out of her way to provide me with the bags for my own money to my simple satisfaction. I bet she just called the stores and ask them to ship whatever to me.

    I swear, I should just buy those 2 bags in Saks with no taxes pay, there will be no headache and another $150 or so more money plus 3x points Saks never sends old staff.

    And just to add icing on the cake - I also ordered very nice Moschino dress on NM online ( not a sale item), which came yesterday as well. I opened the box next and guess what - $500 dress came without the belt. CS woman told me that they don't do partial shippment on the closing, there is no dress in my size available anymore and I have 2 choices only: to return the dress or they going to give me 10% discount)

    And then my kids decided to make cookies and burned them:hysteric:
  13. That is shocking to me. I've never had a problem like that but hear about stuff like that so often here. Terrible.

    Is there any way you can keep the one from Garden State Plaza but still get the $400? I feel like that SA should get the credit for the sale, not the one at Short Hills.
  14. When Irina was in Chanel in SH - I never had any problems either. I always had anything I wanted - she could find the unfindable. But then again, she could charge you without asking once new hot bag came in.

    Anyway, I was thinking anout that woman in GS Plaza. I did not buy 2 bags - if I return the bad one to her and leave her bag with me - I will looze 200. I did not want to spend another $4K in GS Plaza just for sake of it.

    Who knew that my second bag is as bad as the first one.

    And the funniest thing of all - I did spend $4K just to save $400. Where is the normal ( not obsessed with Bags) person't logic?:lol:

    It's not like buying 2 bags of potatoes and saving 20c.