My Love Story with LV

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  1. Back in 2008 Me and my Mom started to love LV purses sooo we collected quite a few, I had 4 she had 3 we loved them so much. Then my world collapsed in 2010 when my beautiful mother passed away at the young age of 68, during the most horrible grief I could imagine I sold all of my bags and hers because I thought without my mom my louis vuitton days were over, then as time passed I missed my purses so much that I just had to start my collection over, today as I write I now own 3 pieces again. I just really love the bags so much , I cANT BUY anything else. I know my mom would be happy that I can once again enjoy something I love so much even without her by my side.
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    Your story made me cry..
    I'm so sorry you lost your Mom. I can't image not having my Mom.
    I'm glad you are starting your collection again. Think of your beautiful mother every time you carry your LV.
  3. Thank You and I do when I carry my bag Im also carrying so many wonderful memories with it, to me its more than just a purse, its so much more.
  4. :hugs:

    This is a beautiful love story, and thank you for sharing it with us. I'm so happy you are starting your new memories with your new bags. Your mom's love and memory will be forever in your heart.

    You are so making me want to call my mom right now.
  5. Love your story! I'm sure your mom would want you to enjoy & love the life that you're living and a part of loving life is having the little things that make us happy & put a smile on our faces. I know she wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad you chose to go back to LV, it will help you share (as in this post) and remember the fond memories of your mom!
  6. So very touching. I agree that your mom would want you revisiting memories of good times with her, using your LV that way.

    She will always be part of you. :hugs:
  7. Thank You And Please call your mom, I would do anything to be able to call my mom one more time.
  8. Thank you for sharing this story! Have you bought pieces you or your Mom used to have?
  9. Thank You:smile:
  10. No I had to start my collection with totally different bags, but one day I may repurchase something we had together.
  11. Thank You:smile:
  12. Awww, I'm so sorry. ;-(
  13. Please don't be sorry, I had such a great mom!!! She taught me so many wonderful things about life and I got to have her for 42 years so I am really blessed to have that. Thank You to all the wonderful women who share my Love of LV.
  14. Beautiful sentiment! Carry your bags with pride and think of them as a wonderful link to your mother. Best to you.
  15. people don't realize how lucky they are to be able to call their mom's whenever they want to.....