My Love bracelet broke!!!

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  1. omg this is horrible. I can not believe they won't do anything. Have you tried it on again? What is defective on it? Can they fix it? You would think Cartier would stand behind their product.
  2. OMG! That's really awful! I feel your pain about owning a defective bracelet because the same is happening to me. If they can't do international exchange, can they do store credit? Can you call the flagship for help?
  3. Hi-When my parents first purchased the love bracelet for me they got me size 17 and I wanted a bigger size. We had originally purchased the bracelet at London Jewelers and when we went to the 5th avenue boutique one of the SA said that LJ was an "external boutique" and refused to exchange and it went so far as to claim that her manager had said that-even though before going to the 5th avenue boutique we called Cartier to make sure they could exchange it.

    The next day we went back to London Jewelers and they were SHOCKED that it had happened, apologized profusely, and said they wouldnt be surprised if Cartier reached out to us (which they did to apologize again). The SA said that Cartier prides itself for its customer service and that at any cartier boutique the same service is applied throughout regardless of whether you're at LJ, Cartier 5th Avenue, or in Tokyo, HK etc etc.

    I would go back and explain that to them. First off, you just bought the bracelet and you should contact the international boutique explain to them what happened and see how they can help!!! Im sorry you're experiencing these problems, I know how frustrating it can be!
  4. Thanks so much Lovefour, Jos1e and bkforbes, I will probably try to call the flagship as you guys have advised. Really appreciate the responses!

    It's just so awful that a piece that is supposed to be meaningful or special to commemorate an important occasion and is so expensive is turning out to cause so much stress instead. This has really turned me off from cartier- not to mention the experiences that the other TPFers are having with customer service and broken love bracelets.
  5. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share my experience. My Hubby purchased the Love Bracelet in Rose gold on Friday 28 Sept as a 1st Wedding anniversary pressie and on Tuesday 2nd Oct I was running and the WHOLE bracelet fell off and landed on the pavement. I picked it up and ran home and inspected it praying that there was no damage. Of course, there were massive dents in my bracelet, I was so heartbroken!! I did some research and found tPF and decided to take it back into Cartier at Harrods in London. Initially the SA said he could send it back to the repair center to check if it is faulty and then they would decide if they will replace or fix. At which point, I very calmly stated my rights as a consumer and advised that the bracelet was not fit for the purpose (ie. to STAY on) and I believed that it was in my rights to a full refund OR replacement immediately. He went off and talked to the manager, and came back after 5 minutes and said they had agreed to offer me a goodwill gesture and will replace it or offer a refund. I took the replacement bc I love the bracelet so much that I am willing to check it often for the first few months......maybe forever...
  6. Wow! I am really shocked by all of the stories here. The bracelet is truly beautiful but you would expect MUCH better quality and service by that price tag. Yikes...
  7. apparently with the new system, you're meant to check it every few days in the first few months...I still don't like the idea of that, but as I said, because I love it so much I will try to put up with it for a few months. I really hope that after a few months the screws will stabalise...To be honest, I was quite happy with the service as I had expected to put up a big fight..but I walked away feeling happy. I just need to be more cautious with the screws, which sucks, but oh wells.
  8. Kwissy
    I am so glad that they gave you a new one! I hope that you have no problems with it. I have the new system for 4 months and have had no issues. My Sa told me to come back in a week after we put it on and and have them tighten it which I did and it is fine. When I go shopping sometimes I'll just have the Sa tighten it and it's always been fine. I hope you have the same experience. Wear it in good health!
  9. Kwissy, I think you are the first person I've heard of that was actually offered a refund! I hope the new one works out for you.
  10. Now I don't know if I want to get a new Love. That's $6000 that may just fly out of your hands... :/
  11. It's the new screw system that is having this issue, not the old screw system.
  12. I have the new system and mine doesn't move at all. In fact the other day when I went for an MRI my husband could not even loosen it. I had to explain it won't come off and they said it was fine to leave it on. I really can't understand the problem some are having it makes no sense. All my friends have no issues with the new system. Why are some bad?
  13. Bump.

    Please, any more incidents of the new screw system coming undone??
    I am due to pick up and pay for a RG with 4/diamonds tomorrow.
    I don't want it to drop from my wrist onto the pavement!!!

    Please please share your experience. TIA!
  14. My Mom just got one this friday and yesterday she told me the Love bracelet just fell apart. Prior to this happening i had warned her about the possibility that her Love would would fall apart and that she needed to keep checking the screws since it was the new system. I even told my mom in front of the Cartier SA but the Sales kept saying oh this never happens and i said to her yeah right. Everyone know its a common occurrence that the LOVe Bangle will fall off bc of the new screws. Low and behold im right.... =(.... My mom just told me if this happens again she wont be wearing it. She feels its just such a hassle to have to check and worry over a bracelet. Its still a VERY BEAUTIFUL and CLASSY bangle and if Cartier had kept with the old screws it would have been great all together but sadly nothing is perfect.
  15. is it still possible to find the bangle with the old screw system in the boutique? I'm shocked by all the stories about broken love bangle!!!