My little pre X-mas gift, so cute - pics

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  1. I found this little cutie at Saks Boca Raton FL. I ordered it yesterday and i just got it today. :yahoo:The sa could not describe the color so well but when i asked her to read me the year, she said 2006 and i immediately knew it was Blueberry. :nuts:I love this color and i was trilled to find it.:woohoo: This is my pre X-mas gift to myself and the rest is to follow.:graucho: First picture is taken with flash and the rest without flash.:tup:
    IMG_3821 (2).JPG IMG_3823 (2).JPG IMG_3825 (2).JPG IMG_3826 (2).JPG IMG_3824 (2).JPG
  2. ^^^ yay!!! I can't wait to see what you get to go with it :graucho: I feel you are on a slippery slope into more gorgeous finds.
  3. PRETTY!!, I love the blue's!
  4. Purdy! And you gotta love the overnight shipping, I hate having to wait...especially when it's something this cute! Merry Christmas!
  5. Nanaz, thats so pretty :tup:

    Is this a mini compagnon?

  6. Another gorgeous buy, Nanaz! I see you've made your way home to Bal again! ;) Congratulations!!!! What else didja get? :graucho:
  7. congratulations!! hehe pre-christmas gift?? ;D can't wait to see the rest!!
  8. Hi Jim. Yes it is.:yes: Isn't it cute? I don't like the big ones so this one is perfect for my purpose.:tup: I think they still have one left. Give them a call 561-393-9100.:smile:
  9. I love the is so delicious =)
  10. Now now, you have to be patient and wait with me. :graucho:I never left Balenciaga or better yet i could never leave Balenciaga.:nogood: I am hooked and nothing else feels right.:nuts: :upsidedown::heart:
  11. hahaha you are right, you never left Bal, you just cheated a little, and cheating doesn't matter, I've been cheating a little, too, it's all good... I think I can be patient, but all of this patience for the EB and PM is driving me up the wall!
  12. yaaaay! so cute - wow you work quick! you will love his little guy...
  13. Hey now, you trying to get me to buy more before xmas?!? :nuts::nuts::upsidedown:

    How many cards does it hold? I really do want to get her one of those flap wallets in magenta, pink or a blue. She has around 6-8 cards she uses on a regular basis..

  14. I blame you for this "H" showing me your gorgeous Tomato mini wallet.:boxing: Or may be the pizza did it.:lol:
  15. aw, how cute. Merry Christmas!