My Let-trade bag came in too

  1. My first LT purchase came today, unfortunately they did not include the dust bag and it wreaks of mothballs. :wtf:

    I emailed them to let them know about the dustbag and they got right back to me and promised to send it out, so I'm happy with that. I've gone and looked at the mothball threads and it's sitting in the office with some febreeze tissues and I'll be doing the dryer sheet thing when I get home. I hope that works. I do like the bag, can't beat the price. I was considering an MC piece from them but this mothball smell is giving me pause. Gosh I hate mothball smell :cursing:
  2. Awww...I hope it comes out!! What did ya buy???
  3. Pictures pleeeezzzzzzzz!
  4. A mono 30, with a good patina. I really love darker patinas!
  5. I hope you get the sent out.
  6. congrats on your mono 30!!!!! pics!!
  7. My cherry blossom retro from Let-Trade had a bit of a moth ball smell too but I just let it air out and now it's gone.
  8. Congrats!! I got my first package from them today, too - yea for us! :yahoo:I'm sure the mothball smell will come out quickly for you - I recently purchased a mono Speedy 40 from another well-respected reseller, and it had that mothball scent. I just left it out in my closet for a few days (no dustbag), and it is smelling much better already. Good luck, and can't wait to see your pics!
  9. congrats!!
  10. Mothballs scents.... ughhh! Makes me nauseus. I hope you can get rid of the smell. GL.
  11. Oh no! I hate moth ball odor. I honestly don't know what would get that smell out, but I hope you find something. Why do resale bags tend to have mothball odors? This is one of the reasons I prefer to buy new, even if I pay a ton more. So sorry.. hope you can get it out.
  12. Most of their bags dont come with dustbags and its stated in the auction.

    You can use frebreeze to help with the smell or just some good old fresh hair. I have bought several bags and had no issues with this smell .. :tup:
    But others here have and used the febreeze with great outcome :tup:..
    Congrat's on your bag, what did you get ?
  13. CONGRATS on your Speedy!

    I, too, just made a purchase from LT. I'm praying that there's no mothball smell, but it seems unlikely. Yuck! :yucky:
    Darn it! I will need to febreze it like you.
  14. The best/easiest thing to do to get rid of the mothball smell is to turn your speedy completely inside out and SOAK it with Febreeze and let it dry outdoors. Repeat two or three times. It works like a charm! (And if it's a sunny day, it will work even faster!)

    BTW, just recently I got my Onatah from let-trade and the bag didn't have any smells. I guess it depends on the bag's previous owners.
  15. So it is ok to spray directly on the interior (if I pull it out)?