my Legacy Turnlock ZipAround Wallets in Camel & Teal...

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  1. Hi Ladies, here are my new Legacy Leather Turnlock ZipAround Wallets. I originally ordered the Camel and while it was on the way to me, I found out that this was also available in TEAL!!! I love both colors and plan on keeping both since I don't have wallets in either color, until now.

    I've never had this zip around style, but I like it's layout as much as I do the Slim Wallets, which are my favorite.

    The front has a short zippered pocket and a faux turnlock on the zipper pull. There are 12 CC slots and an interior zippered area, if you choose to use it for coins. (I always use separate coin purses.) The interior also has the COACH Creed embossed with the style number. I've never seen this on wallets before, it's so cool, IMO!

    This style 41151, is also available in Sunflower, which I believe is a bright yellow!?!

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  2. Oh my goodness - GORGEOUS!! I never really like the zip wallets, but those are :drool:. Congrats.
  3. Nice,i just got the walnut color but i think i will exchange it for thr teal since i just order the key pouch in the teal.
  4. They are beautiful. i love the detail on the wallet and legacy linning is always TDF
  5. Do it, this shade of Teal is a great neutral, IMO!
  6. I just love both of them. I was considering ordering the teal (I want a wallet that will go with black, whiskey and walnut). Would you say that the teal resembles last year's pond color or is it a totally different color?
  7. Ooh I love that keypouch thing! I tried to buy it at my store but they weren't carrying it. I still may order one (if there are any left - the SA tod me there were like only 79 in the distribution center)
  8. Wow! they look so classy! I need to head to the store to see what mine has asap!
  9. Thank you for posting this! They are just beautiful...congrats!!!

    Thanks so you :graucho:, I was just going to start a new thread and ask which wallet should I buy?? I just called and asked the colors, and I was also told sunflower.

    I don't know which one to buy?? I have a canary duffle, which it might go with that, but otherwise not too sure about my other Legacy pieces and sunflower at this point. The teal color is honestly a bit pastel for me, but I think it would be beautiful with browns and black. The thing that bothers me is that they are the price of a bag, but I have to have one!!! HELP!!!
  10. I think this Teal does resemble last year's Pond, perhaps with a tiny bit more green, just a bit more. I think it's a very neutral shade and will go with all of the colors you've listed, and more.
  11. ooooo those are SOOOO pretty! congrats!

  12. Ok, you've sold me!! I adore you, but please be advised that my wallet hates you!! :P
  13. I haven't seen the sunflower IRL, but from the online pic in the store it appeared bright. So it would probably go with your Canary, Black & Browns for sure.

    The wallet is a handbag price, but I've given up buying wristlets. So in my head that's how I've justified it...:yes:
  14. I take full responsibility!
  15. I love your wallets! I ordered the keypouch in teal and I got it the other day it is so cute!