My Latest Collection and its not even out in stores yet.......TONS OF PIXS!!!!!!!

  1. Today I went to my local LV store for an afternoon of feasting on those gorgeous babies since I have nothing to do at hm. Actually I do not have any intention to buy anything at this moment, however....alas....when I saw her, I just had to own her!!!!:wtf: ITS TDF! The SA who attended to me was called Jeremy and he was very sweet, took his time to explain the usage of this baby as well as presented me with lots of other alternatives... In fact I was thinking of coming back another day while I pondered at home (as I do not want to make a impulsive buy) but my legs just won't bulge to leave the store.... So while I was pondering and browsing ard the store, I saw this lady walking in dressed very casually and she mumbled a few words to another SA. With nothing to do except still pondering on whether shld I get her(the bag) or not, my eyes followed the other SA and the lady to the back of the store...and guess wat, the SA took out 2 NEO CABBIES and the lady carried it on her arm and although I was glimpsing from a corner I was like, OMG its stunning and I MUST have it!!!!!! And so I asked sweet Jeremy if he has another piece of that Neo and he said Yes.... So, back to my pondering right, yes i bought the 1st baby and also my 1st NEO CABBY which will only be launched on 21st July... My poor SA begged me not to use it yet since it is not officially launched else he will get a scolding from the management so I said ok, no problem..:okay:And so , here you go, my fellow TPFers, tons of pixs for your feasting pleasures.....:yahoo::yahoo:I am so over the moon now!!!!!!!! :nuts:
    LV.jpg LV1.jpg Rosewood Pomme.jpg Rosewood 1.jpg Rosewood 2.jpg
  2. More pixs as promised.......:yahoo:
    Rosewood 3.jpg rosewood 4.jpg rosewood 5.jpg Neocabby.jpg Neocabby1.jpg
  3. More to follow..... :p
    Neocabby2.jpg neocabby3.jpg neocabby4.jpg neocabby5.jpg beauties.jpg
  4. LVOE them!! but we want bigger pics :p
  5. congrats, love the denim!
  6. beautiful!! congrats!! love the cabby! :love:
  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Many congrats - they are both amazingly beautiful.
  8. OMG - you are so lucky. I'm dying to get the neo cabby. Not available here yet. Modelling pics please so we can get an idea about the size.
  9. Wow~that black denim bag is really nice!!!!!!!!!Congrats!
  10. yummy!! congrats to you and what a sweet SA!
  11. Congratulations :smile:
  12. Congratz for the bags!!
  13. wow!!!!!! modeling pics!! :smile: pls????
  14. You are a lucky girl! Your new bags look beautiful- I cannot wait to pic up my Neo Cabby tomorrow. We need some modeling pics of both bags :yes:
  15. Wow, they're gorgeous, & you can already tell those 2 colors will work together (thinking charm or cles).