My last loot before delivery-M/L red caviar and nicole ritchie jacket*pics*

  1. Hello my fellow Chanel-frens, just want to say a temporary good-bye for now as I prepare for the delivery of my second prince. :flowers:
    These 2 purchases will put me on a ban for the next 6 months!;)

    I received this red flap about a week ago but have been too tired of late to get to taking pics and resizing it's kind of overdue. You know what? I have been dreaming of the 07 red for weeks!! So happy to have found it! This treasure as well as my 05 black M/L caviar with silver hardware will last me a lifetime...i hope!:yahoo:

    As for the Nicole Richie cropped leather jacket, I spent many sleepless nights calling the US to locate this one last piece! Anyway, with the frequent toilet trips I have to make at night, it doesn really make much of a's completely sold-out I heard:sweatdrop: Nicole looks really great pregnant and this pic has been my inspiration thus far.:heart:

    Wishing all you Chanel buddies all the best and hope you find your HGs!:yes:
    07redflap.jpg nicole.jpg
  2. who makes her jacket? good luck with the baby!
  3. Aww, good luck with everything, and soon enough you'll have an adorable baby boy! :girlsigh: :love: Wow, I LOVE your '07 red caviar medium flap!!! :love: :drool: :love: I have the Jumbo and adore it, but aesthetically speaking, the medium flap is my absolute favorite. :girlsigh: The cropped leather jacket is so cute too... where did you end up finding it? :nuts: Congrats on your amazing finds, and enjoy!!! :yahoo:
  4. congrats on your loot, everything is so beautiful.. and all the best for your delivery :smile:
  5. yay for u!!
  6. Congrats on your new little one. Congrats on finding the red flap and the jacket. I with you some sleep :smile:
  7. Thanks fren! i was actually looking for a red Jumbo but this M/L came my way so I thought I would just get it lest i regret later...

  8. Alexander Wang is the designer and this jacket was released for Fall 07:yes:
  9. Wishes for a safe delivery of your 2nd prince! and congrats on the gorgeous flap and jacket!
  10. Thanks Regina! I pray that my wound will heal fast and quick!
  11. Aww, well the medium flap is stunning, so I think you made a great choice!! :love: :nuts: Ohhh, Alexander Wang, so nice :drool:... love the jacket!! :love:

  12. Congrats on the new bag, new jacket and most of all the new prince!!!!!
  13. That red is very pretty...congrats!
  14. Wow! The bag and the jacket are amazing! Wear them together and :drool:. Best wishes on your pregnancy- you're gonna be one hot mama with those goodies!
  15. Love it. The red is such a gorgeous color!