My kitty's baby teeth falling out & teething.....

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  1. Hey! My 6 month old kitty just lost a tooth yesterday! It was that big upper fang one & i knew it was going to fall out soon since there was the double one right next to it. So we are now just waiting for the other one to fall out & i think its bothering him!

    Yesterday when it feel out, i noticed he was licking himself then his tongue hung out very long & he was almost pulling it with both paws, Then it looked like he had something in his mouth, like he was chewing on something at the side of his mouth & then it just fell out! Now he seems like he's been doing that licking thing all day and he now just wants to sleep alone in a quiet, dark spot instead of with my other 2 kittens. The other 2 are 7 months & 10 months so their baby fangs are already out.

    Is there anything i can do to make him more comfortable or help him with his teething issues? I hope he's not in pain & i wish the little tooth would fall out already. I'm also terrified he may choke on it but the other came out ok yesterday & the other 2 cats had no problems! Have you ever seen or found your pets teeth?
  2. My kitties are both 9 months, and as far as I know they haven't lost any baby teeth. Sorry I'm no help, lol. When do they normally lose their teeth? ANyone know?
  3. I think my vet said they fall out around 6 months or so. Look in your cats mouth and see if they have 2 fangs on each side of the top or only one. If its only one, i bet they fell out awhile ago!
  4. My cat's baby teeth fell out when she was around 5 months. Usually they swallow them which is why most people don't find little fangs lying around the home. My cat was chewing on my friend when her tooth fell out and her gums bled a little, but she was fine. She even ate dinner shortly after.
  5. Yup same with him yesterday! It bled a tiny bit but he ate all of his dinner with no problems! It just looks funny when he yawns now! LOL
  6. Dont be too worried, it is a natural thing and cats know what to do, its in their survival instincts.

    I only found one of my cats teeth. Funniest things when you find them and soooo cute!
  7. wow, i had no idea about this! my kitty must've swallowed hers, as i didn't see any lying around. :shrugs: good to know for the next kitty! :idea:
  8. I kept my cat's baby fangs for 17 years. I must be crazy :P
  9. ^^^ hehe, I wanted to keep my cats tooth too and DH was like, what are you going to do with it? Just chuck the thing out. But I think its so cute!
  10. You're right, they're so cute!! I taped her tooth behind a photo of her, and I've been carrying it with me for more than 17 years. It's starting to disintegrate. All my friends are grossed out by it.
  11. ^ hahaha i have the fang ( i washed it about 100 times) & it is cute! Thats scary that they swallow them though! And thats sweet you kept your cats fang for 17 years! I think i may have to throw the fang out because i don't know where to put it & i'm scared its going to rot or something!
  12. ^^^ For dogs and cats, they lose their teeth around 5-7 months. They are pretty small so they either get swallowed or they end up getting vacuumed up. It's kind of one of those things you just don't really notice. I don't believe that it is painful, so I don't think you need to worry about making her more comfortable or anything.
    While I was visitng my parent's in September, I caught their lab chewing on something. It was his canine. That is the first time, out of 7 cats and 3 dogs (not all at the same time), I have ever actually seen one of my pets lose their baby teeth.
  13. I only found one tooth out of both my kittens.

    I find giving them something to chew on - I give chicken necks (raw) helps - if they're really cold they soothe the gums and provide something to push at the teeth. They're also good for cat's teeth in general.
  14. How quick do the adult teeth grow in?
  15. holy crap.... i'm 26 and i have had cats my whole entire life... my mom worked at a vet's office for 16 years of those 26 years... and i had no idea that cats had baby teeth that fall out!!! my cats must swallow them because i have never seen any tiny teeth laying around...crazy!!