My Kenneth Cole Spring List

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  1. My boyfriend thinks I have a problem but that's okay. He's into cars, and I'm into bags and shoes... and jeans LOL *thinks to self, how am i gonna sneak these in the house*:idea:

    My fav color... plum



    Scarlet (of course LOL)


  2. I am totally into some of the colors and shapes of these bags, they look very cute!
  3. The plum color is very nice!
  4. They are all very cute....I'm really loving the plum color too. Good luck sneaking some of the things into the house...I have the same problem. Usually stash things in the trunk of my car until I can sneak it in, and casually pass it off as something that I've owned for a while ;) .
  5. Oooh I really like the green coloured bag, very cute !
  6. very cute! are they reasonable? can you get all of them? Love the black and white frame bag..toooo cute!
  7. i wish i could get them all at once. LOL 2 at a time is good esp. since the green one is one sale. I heart sales

    i had an old coworker who would store her obsessions at work and bring them in over a time. Her husband was never the wiser. LOL
  8. The black & white bag is oh sooooo classy and sophisticated!!!
  9. LOL...what a shame...but damn, we women are so smart!!!!

    I saw the b/w bag in bazaar this month. That's a really sweet bag. I might have to check that out a little further. Thanks for posting!! :amuse:
  10. The B&W caught my attention! I love white.
  11. It's funny b/c before I buy I bag, I actully picture the entire outfit LOL
  12. This bag is now on sale at ... Plum Hudson Rivet hobo... I know cause.. I bought itttt. :smile:
  13. oh no! I bought the Hudson Rivet - Large Hobo in luggage and the matching clutch on monday in store for full price! So unfair! Now online its on sale :sad: But it is a gorgeous bag...
  14. return it! and buy it online. if you're worried about the tags... just return the one you get in the mail to the store. :biggrin:
  15. I wish I could do that Luna, but unfortunately I live in the UK and bought the bag whilst I was on holiday in Miami... haven't checked out how much or whether they stock the bag in London, UK. Might do that this weekend!

    But I imagine it should be more expensive as K Cole is a US brand and so would be more expensive in Europe? Im not sure as I have never bought anything by him before.

    Does anyone know?