My humble collection(or rather my gf's)

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  1. Not much of a poster and being a guy, I feel kinda odd to be hanging around here. But here it is....she just started a couple of months ago...with my help. Do pardon the poor quality..


    She's looking at adding either an epi alma or jasmin...what do you ladies think?
  2. Aww.. the koala is cute.

    And definitely Jasmin, it'd look lovely with her wallet.
  3. Fabulase.
  4. Thanks ayla! I see some fantastic collections around here-mindblowing no less!She went for the mono zipped compact, but changed her mind after seeing the awesome koala-it's constantly sold out in black in Singapore.

    As for the jasmin, That's what my girlfriend was thinking too- But she's a bit hesitant on the jasmin because of the size.

    Maybe i should get her in here to post as well on your opinions...she's got her heart set on the vernis roxbury drive-but decided to steer clear because of the high maintainence=( hence the epis.
  5. I love the wallet!
  6. cute koala!
  7. You´re such a cute BF, posting for your gf !! It´s a lovely collection, and adding an epi would definitely complete it !!
    Alma or Jasmin I love them both ! Red or myrtille would be yummy.
  8. I love the Jasmin, I just received mine and it's beautiful!!
  9. its ok to be a guy and like quality items
  10. ^^ It sure is!! Welcome to the forum. Lovely collection!!
  11. Your too cute, welcome!
  12. Lovely collection!
    I'd vote for the Jasmin :yes:
  13. Nice collection : )
  14. I love it! :heart:
    The MC wallet is adorable.
  15. Oh and I'd suggest the Jasmin's gorgeous in any color!
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