My great find at TJ's!

  1. Great finds! I always leave TJ's happy!
  2. I spotted a Celine green leather tote bag for $799 at the Runway TJ Maxx in Glendale. It was buttery soft, but too much for me.
  3. Do you by any chance know what style it was?
  4. I think it was the Cabas, definitely not the popular one everyone has.

    Sorry, I'm not a big Celine aficionado.
  5. Whatttttttttt??????? I've been looking for the mini luggage and at that price woowwwwwww so cheap!!!!! I hope I dont find one soon in my stores cause I just spent some serious cash in a purse!!!!! I have to breathe a little!!!!!lol:lol::graucho:
  6. Went to the new bay area tjmaxx in san rafael. The runway section is the largest I've ever seen. Tons of hanbags - celine, fendi, prada. Tons of missoni, gucci, leif, clothing and prada, fendi, shoes. I can't even remember all the designers
  7. Ok, this is the thread I should have participated in since it started. I think My entire closet is from TJ Maxx. I have a list of probably 100 good deals but i think my top ten, recent( Last 4 months) have been:

    Versace couture dress (2008 fall season) for $229, of course clearance!
    Gucci Dress: $159 clearance
    Valentino dress retailing over $2k for $79
    Sergio Rossi wedges for $25
    Alice and oliva long dress for $69
    Alice and Olivia sequin dress for $25
    Marc Jacobs denim skirt for $7
    Casadei heels for $399 (only one not on clearance)
    LAMB shirt for $29
    Moschino Suit for $129

    Love TJ Maxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi all! We used to have TJ Maxx here but after a few years they closed (many years ago) and left the islands. Now they are opening a store once again. I'm they sell similar items as outlet malls or are they stuff from regular mall stores that are overstocks, last season, etc., that TJ Maxx buys to sell in their own stores at a discounted price?

  9. Well that sounds very cute wish we had a few pics to look at!
  10. My latest finds were really great.
    Michael Kors Santa Cruz sunnies marked down to 16$.
    Michael Kors clutch/iPhone case 39$
    Dooney & Burke coin purse 25$
    Built 13' MacBook case 5$

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  11. Found a great Black leather Ralph Lauren crossbody bag that will be mainly for out of town business trips. It's just perfect enough to mesh with casual/business casual wardrobe. From 268 to 120 (I would have kept hunting from store to store, but I'm in a bind-needed it ASAP).

    Also found some great gym wear (tank tops, capris, tops).
  12. I live in Eastern Montgomery county, PA and went today to my local TJMaxx in Abington, PA. It is not a runway store, but I was blown away by the handbags. Prada, Chloe, Fendi, Ferragamo, Rebecca Minkoff, Coach and Michael Kors were all represented in high numbers. It was like being in Nordstrom but at a discount. Sorry that I know nothing of the style,s but it may be worth a visit just to see the selection, obviously if you're in the area. This is the store with TARGET on Rt. 611.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! It's a bit of a drive for me, but I have friends that live that way. I can plan a visit and a shopping trip. ;)
  14. Does tjmax have a better deal or the outlet stores better?
  15. I guess it depends on what your looking for/want.