My great find at TJ's!

  1. Went there after Finals on Wed, looking for a pick me up (I did well on finals, but was exuasted...still am, finals wed/thurs/fri ack)

    anyways, found a pair of dark green YSL sunnies for $39, compare at $250!!! Round, larger shape, very cute. I can't wait to get more use out of them!!

    Sorry no pics- camera is on the fritz :sad:
  2. Congratulations-on the finals and the finds! I got a Coach rose & camel book tote at marshall's today for $29.00! I almost had a stroke! I had one saleslady check the price for me thinking that someone had switched tags. She said that it was supposed to be $129.00 but that they would honor it. No blemishes, no flaws other than 2 light "fingernail scrapes" on the top zip that rubbed out with oil.
  3. They sound cute! Good luck w/your last final!
  4. Congrats, good luck with finals..I have midterms right now too!
  5. Good luck with your finals!

    I went to my TJ yesterday too. Lots of Coach, Lacoste, Kors, YSL sunnies for $29-$39 on sale. They also had some Lacoste belts there too. Sooo preppy.

    But the BEST part was I scored a VALENTINO black Jacket for $119! Woohoo! LOVE TJ!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. ^^^ Great finds!
  8. Last weekend I picked up a pair of Miu Miu sunnies, that were smaller frames with a very pretty orange color, that were only $15! I bought them at Marshalls :smile:
  9. Your TJ's are better than mine - probably because I'm out in the burbs!! Congrats on the finds!! That Valentino jacket was a steal!
  10. I LOVE TJ's. I go there and always see lots of Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Guess. It just depends on what time of the week you go (NOT on the weekends, everyone crowds there) I love going there though!
  11. great bag and wondeful price! congrats
  12. Good deal!! I just got Juicy Couture and Kate Spade sunnies for 29$$$$
  13. TJ Maxx is the best! I got a pair of mislabeled Just Cavalli sunglasses that are black and have the crystal logo on each temple for get this ONLY $5!!!!!! The other pairs were labeled for $60! I totally scored!

    I think that totally was my best TJ deal EVER!
  14. ahhhh, makes me want to go to TJ this weekend! congrats on the coach find and congrats to you other ladies on what you've discovered there. it's amazing sometimes huh? i'd almost have stroke too if i got that coach tote for 29! what a super super great deal!
  15. i love hearing about these deals!