My FIRST time with Louie was fake but not bad!

  1. My first LV was a fake. Let me explain how I don't necessarily think that all replicas are terrible. My grandfather who adored me (first born, only girl) and whom I adored was shopping at a huge flea market in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was the 80's and I was a teenager. He bought a replica Speedy (which I still have, it's in perfect condition and yes, I use it) for 10 bucks for my birthday. My grandparents were very well off and my grandmother always had very expensive clothing, jewelry and handbags. He thought it would be cute for me to have one "like Nana's". I drug that damn thing around like it was gold. He had told me that after I graduated college and got a job, I would be able to buy real ones (not that I even understood or cared that it was "fake") and you know what the first thing was that I bought with my first "career" paycheck....a real speedy. Actually it was more than one paycheck, but you get my drift. I have had an obsession with them ever since that FIRST one and I think that if it wasn't for the one he bought me, I wouldn't have such an interest in them now (it's all I'll carry-no one else exists for me). I own a couple now and just purchased a new one last weekend. I am not condoning the sale of replicas as authentics by any means but I was at flea market in the city and saw a few cheap fakes. I considered buying one (it was 20.00-a little mini speedy) for my niece and telling her the same thing my grandfather told me, hoping to initiate another Louie lover. Thanks for reading ;)
  2. What a nice story! You never forget your first LV.
  3. Uhmmmm.....Although you have authentic LV bags now, I'm not sure if many of us here on the PF would appreciate you buying and using fakes, especially if you intentionally buy one for your niece....cuz we're all ANTI-FAKE-LV-PEOPLE....How old is your niece? Perhaps you can wait until she's old enough and buy her a REAL one?...But inspiring story tho...:smile:
  4. it is a very lovely story :love: I received my first LV from my mom as a hand-me-down when I was 18 and that's how I started the crazy obsession with LV.
  5. That's a sweet story.
  6. Nice story.
  7. Well, I didn't wind up buying it but I did think about it. Just thought maybe one day it would give her a little inspiration like it did me. She's 7...not getting the real thing for quite some time (and her mother who is very PC wouldn't allow her to have the real thing anyway). She'd return it and give the money to PETA or something like that.
  8. Your gramps was so sweet. :smile:
  9. Very cute story!!:biggrin:
  10. WHAT A SWEET STORY!:love:
  11. thank you for sharing your story!!! your grandfather is really sweet!!! and YES... you never forget your FIRST real piece of LV!!! ***sigh***
  12. Cute story!
  13. Nice story!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Aww..your story reminds me so much of my own start!! My mom got me a mini mono speedy fake at a flea market when I was 4. SO cute, and I carried that thing around to be just like mom! :rolleyes: Twenty years later, I'm carrying around my own (real!) speedy and batignolles!

  15. Such a cute story :smile: