My first set of LVs

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  1. Well, it's finally here. I got my belated V-day presents from BF today because he was holding them "hostage" for awhile now. :lol: And I picked up my Ribera Mini from the store today too. So here they are!! I love the mini sac... it's so adorably cute! :love:



  2. congrats! Your bf is very generous- they are all very beautiful!
  3. Wow!!! You hit the jackpot!!!! I love the Ribera!!! Congrats!!!
  4. CONGRATS Irissy! The bags are beautiful, I'm glad you got the papillon :nuts: Your bf sounds like a great guy :love:
  5. I love your choice of the 3 LVs. You'll get really good use out of the mini sac. I had it for 3 years and wore it til the handles turned really really dark. It fits a lot in surprisingly!
  6. Thanks ladies!! For some reason, I'm very excited about the mini sac over the other 2 damier. I think because that one is in monogram. :lol:

    LV raised their price this Wed. It was a good thing I phone ordered the ribera mini over the weekend to get the old price.
  7. Ya, I'm surprise in how much it fits! I'm taking it out to dinner with me later tonight. I can't get over how cute it looks in person.
  8. Aww.. too cute, I really like the ribera !!
  9. I :love: The Ribera!!!
  10. Gotta love the Damier :love:
  11. wow, congrats!
    three LVs at once. that's awesome. and that mini one is so cute :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! The Ribera mini and mini sac are adorable.
  13. Thanks ladies! I was suppose to get 2 bags but a few days before the price hike, I started panicking for some reason... that's how the ribera mini got added to my collection. :wacko: I might have to hide the ribera mini for awhile. :lol:

    Oh, the curse of the LV price hike. :Push:
  14. Just tell him you got it on sale! And with a straight face say......I SWEAR! That works for me all the time. :biggrin:
  15. How cute... :lol: I might just have to do that then.