My First Lv!!!!


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
Here is my LV story:
My first LV (Ellipse) was a gift for my wedding from my god father. I had NO CLUE what LV was at that time so I took it back to the Toronto LV store!!!:lol: When I was on my honeymoon (I HATE THAT WORD:nuts: ) I was reading some sort of celebrity gossip magazine and saw a pic of Madonna with *GASP* Ellipse in her hand!!! So, upon returning from my you know what:lol: , I RAN to the LV store in Toronto to buy the same bag I returned a few months ago only to find out it went up in price!!!:evil: :wacko: :lol: :wacko:


Jan 8, 2006
congrats on your first piece of LV!

my first piece of LV is the same as you!!! I love my Monogram Speedy 30... when i figured out that i was travelling - i went to the LV store and started checking out bags etc... and then i finally got it.... i still love it very much!!!! All i know is that it's not going to be my last piece!

have fun with your new bag when you get it!!!


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
Congrats! You won! I hunted so hard for this Speedy (without my BF knowing though) that I posted lots of threads in seller watch about auction links. I finally decided what the hell and just purchased it from a MPRS and with the go ahead from the lovely ladies here. And as you know, my BF got me a 30 but by the time he came to see me and gave it to me (it was for Valentine's day) it was past 14 days of return and so I decided to let this one go. I offered it to my friend who couldn't afford one but wants one but she got embarrassed by it so I didn't push it on to her too much. Congrats on your lovely purchase! It's folded nicely in a brown box, protected with packing peanuts and I am walking to the PO tomorrow morning before work to get this out to you!


Mar 9, 2006
congrats. but izzit a speedy 30 too large?
In singapore, over here this model is so so popular amongst ladies.. everywhere u turn, u see some one carrying it.
However, compared this to Epi speedy 25, which is nicer??


Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
Congrats!! :biggrin:

I got my first LV when I was in Copenhagen with my honey :love: We had talked about how much I wanted one and he said "well, let's go get you one!" :lol: So we went there.. looked around the store, it was so much fun. The first time either one of us had even been in a LV store.. And we bought a Speedy 30 just like I wanted :love: We then went to get some coffee at this really cute coffee shop and Justin was like "Baby, can I get you a matching wallet?". I was like "noooo, we already spent so much money, are you sure you want to do that?" and he was like "Yes, I really want to get you one :love: ". So he did :lol: I love him so much :love: :love:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Aww.. congrats ! You'll love it to death ! ;)

My first Vuitton was a Popincourt Haut, for my birthday last year. I had been loving the LVs for a long time, but I never thought I could really afford to buy one. Anyways, I got to pick one out for my birthday but had to be waitlisted since it was no where to be found.. I picked it up from the Bloor Holt's in Toronto and it was horrific to be driving that day, super busy cause of - gay pride parade ! I love my popincourt to death !