My first LV!!

  1. I have wanted a LV since I was old enough to know what one was, so my hubby said I could get one for my birthday. I went to the LV store and ended up getting the monogram zippy wallet and the Alma Damier. Well I ended up returning the Alma because I have two small children and I wanted a bag that could go over my shoulder so I could be hands free. So I got the Griet Damier instead. I absolutely LOVE this bag but I am having a little buyers remorse because of the cost, this is the most I have spend on a bag etc., I am being crazy about it and I have not even used my bag yet and am debating returning it. Please help!!!

    PS. I tried to attach a picture but I keep getting a fail message, I will keep trying
  2. wow, that's a great first LV, lol! I just got the Damier Griet last week and it's soooooo pretty! A little heavy though...
  3. i love the zippy. i wish i had one!
  4. Congrats, that's a beautiful bag, enjoy it!!
  5. keep the bag ! congrats on your zippy !
  6. Congrats!!!! Great choice!!!!
  7. Such a beautiful bag!! Congrats!
  8. I say definitely KEEP IT. :yes:

    The Damier Griet is an absolutely gorgeous bag for your 1st LV.

    After collecting LVs for about 3 1/2 years now, to this day I still get buyers remorse everytime I buy something but that will go away in time. ;)
  9. The Damier Griet is a beautiful bag! Definitely keep it!!
  10. Hunny, trust me when I say that the feeling will susbside & happiness will take over =) Congrats on the wonderful LVs!!!
  11. keep them both. they are beautiful.
  12. That's a great first!!! Congrats. :smile:

    Try uploading the pic to and copy/paste the one with the [ IMG ] [ / IMG ].
  13. Fab Fab Fab! congrats on your first LV!
  14. congrats! I think you should keep the bag if that's the one you like a lot! you deserve it! :yes:
  15. congrats! The damier griet is a beautiful bag.
    To avoid the guilt of the high price tag i just remember how much i absolutely love the bag. Every time i look at my bags i feel happy and proud to own something so beautiful, so it is worth it to me.