My First Goyard and First REVEAL EVER!

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  1. congrats on your new Goyard!!! You're going to love it more and more as time passes...
  2. Thanks for all the congrats guys! I am in love with the pink color! (it is my favorite color anyways) I am so excited to use it soon when i am not so busy and later this week i will post some modeling photos when i have some time!
    Thanks again :yahoo:
  3. Love the pink, how did you get one, thought it was LE and not in production anymore.

    Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  4. I got it from a reputable seller on ebay. Someone on the forum did say that some are still available in stores because it wasnt a huge seller, but i dont know if they still make the color or not? or if it comes out every spring? Hope this helps!
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    the colors of goyard is indeed beautiful. ;)
  6. oh so pretty in pink. love it! congrats!:smile:
  7. Beautiful! This pink is such a soft and luxurious colour!
  8. Beautiful Bag! I know what you mean when you say it's lightweight! I got mine in yellow but your bag makes we want to get one in pink as well. =)

    Congrats btw...
  9. Very nice! Love it! Congrats!
  10. congrats ! lovely color !
  11. Congrats on getting your first Goyard :nuts: Welcome to the Goyard club!
  12. So pretty! congrats!
  13. Here is my modeling pics w/ flash for reference im 5'6"
  14. love the color!
    good luck with the exams, dear
  15. Here are two w/o flash